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yoda dogfish shark monster


Went to the seaside aain today "Aldeburgh" this time, with a side order of Southwold and Lowestoft, we left Aldeburgh sharpish when this thing reared up out of the sea, no idea what it was, a Hump Back Shark Yoda was my first instinct, but I settled on "Wise old dogfish" to be honest we have no idea what it is, but it came home with us and will feature in future macros no doubt!
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 02 2005 23:18 GMT cleftref PRO
is it alive??
Aug 02 2005 23:40 GMT Grimacher PRO
No, he's dead and very dried out, We call him Trevor..
Aug 02 2005 23:42 GMT curves PRO
It's Cecial.....Nice find, wear gloves though
Aug 02 2005 23:49 GMT Pondy PRO
Wear gloves? even though it's utterly dry to the touch? I did scrub my hands after holding it though, with a fairly potent chemical cleaner I have in the car all the time. (Manual labour forces such things)
Aug 03 2005 00:05 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Looks like a hand puppet!
Aug 03 2005 00:22 GMT PennyLane PRO
Trevor is a fine name for that. . er. . .um. . .thing. Is it animal, vegetable or mineral? And what's a dogfish anyway :)
Aug 03 2005 00:36 GMT Jagged PRO
Yep definitely looks like a Trevor.
Aug 03 2005 00:39 GMT Roadiepig PRO
Looks like a dried out, hairy, brown tongue- very interesting...
Aug 03 2005 01:40 GMT TB
It's a muppet mummy!
Aug 03 2005 02:24 GMT Molly PRO
Aaaaah yes....Trevor. Nessie's irritating younger brother. Terror of Loch Ness. So jealous that she got all the attention. Seems that he ran away.
Aug 03 2005 05:14 GMT slomoz
Mmmmm! Dogfish jerky, quite a delicacy.
Aug 03 2005 05:55 GMT duncan
It's only got one arm.
Aug 03 2005 08:10 GMT chubster PRO
Ahh Aldeburgh... I used to live in Orford just down the coast a bit. I hope you had some fish 'n' chips from that shop near the seafront...
Aug 03 2005 08:30 GMT cleftref PRO
hmm Trevor... too close to Trefor for comfort... :)
Aug 03 2005 10:58 GMT visuallyadaptive
Hello Trevor. He looks a bit old and wrinkly, and has bushy eyebrows :)
Aug 03 2005 19:08 GMT fletrik
Remember the Glove Puppet called "Lamb Chop" it looks like that :-) but dead
Aug 03 2005 20:22 GMT gr8ronkinroll PRO
TB is funny! :)
Is an odd creature.
Can't wait for closer inspections.
Aug 04 2005 07:56 GMT Sheila PRO
Cleftref, did you know that visuallyadaptive knows what you look like???
May 02 2006 05:16 GMT onichek
hihihi! Nice to meet you, Trevor! It looks like Nespy too!!! :))))))))))))))
May 03 2006 08:55 GMT fey
hahah ...it does look like Nespo ...thin like him ....lol