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We interrupt this weeks Ant Brother to bring you this shocking image..

Tonight, My oven imploded! Note sucked in metal door at the bottom, and obviously the shattered glass...

You will be pleased to hear my Bread & Butter pudding survived & was delicious.
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 11 2007 21:46 GMT Grimacher PRO
Chuffin' hell. How did you manage that?

Could we have more descriptive tags please?
Jul 11 2007 21:48 GMT PhotoPro PRO
sounds like a bad warp core.....
Jul 11 2007 21:49 GMT stuboy
Cool, I love things that blow up

Do it again, do it again :))))))
Jul 11 2007 21:53 GMT bennystr
Fits perfectly this Friday's theme, excellent timing... :-)
Jul 12 2007 01:45 GMT cyr
just be consoled nothing lasts
Jul 12 2007 04:40 GMT tony PRO
I've seen this happen to glass in oven doors before. Always completely spontaneous and without apparent cause. But I don't know about "imploded". What would create a vacuum?
Jul 12 2007 17:58 GMT gilgamesh
You didn't by any chance find a teeny, tiny, ant-sized Jeep burning in front of it, did you?
Jul 12 2007 18:20 GMT Lensvision
Well done........
Jul 13 2007 18:57 GMT Nodster
The same happend to mine - is it a cannon??
I got cannon out to replace it, it only took two phone calls - start mentioning not fit for purpose and talking to trading standards or watchdog generally does the job!
Jul 13 2007 20:53 GMT Pondy PRO
Mine's a Zanussi, it's 4 years old .. you think I have a claim?

Jul 14 2007 18:32 GMT Nodster
Mine was three years old. oven glass shouldn't go like that it's dangerous.
Jul 16 2007 02:44 GMT jenylew
Wow! I have never seen anything like that!
Glad to hear the pudding was a success, albeit costly!