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Still no time for photography.. last weekend in Wales..
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 30 2010 17:39 GMT Lensvision
Great shot!
Jun 30 2010 18:04 GMT charlotte
Jun 30 2010 19:05 GMT gilgamesh
Hey! That's not an SG! Who d'y thing y'are, Bruce bloody Springsteen?
Jun 30 2010 20:00 GMT Pondy PRO
First gig ever where I didn't use an SG! ..mainly because it was an outdoor festival where we camped and the SG just doesn't stay in tune under those conditions.. the screwed together plank however doesn't suffer like this being less of a race horse and more of an agricultural implement.
Jun 30 2010 20:39 GMT sini
Great capture!:)
Jul 01 2010 02:12 GMT ashdad PRO
Great image!
Jul 10 2010 19:13 GMT bennystr
Jul 30 2011 20:30 GMT caferr
nice shot...
Sep 06 2011 14:05 GMT Laodamia
i'm gonna go to a festival soon I hope I'll be able to deliver pics as good as this one!
Aug 07 2012 22:56 GMT simon PRO
Hey Pondy - Hunju's offering you a fisting.
Aug 07 2012 23:01 GMT Pondy PRO
Does he have the small smooth hands of a child?
Aug 07 2012 23:04 GMT simon PRO
He may have a collection of small shoes in a box under his bed.
Aug 07 2012 23:05 GMT Pondy PRO
Aug 07 2012 23:12 GMT stuboy
There are no small children left where he lives, me & Simon killed them, gold plated them & then smuggled them out of the country (or so he tells us)
Aug 07 2012 23:21 GMT Pondy PRO
Sounds logical to me,.. it's a known technique after all.
Aug 07 2012 23:47 GMT simon PRO
Well it's a step on from pretentious gold plated chocolate. We're trying to find new ways to screw money out of middle class tosspoles who will already happily part with £3 for a fairy cake, which is basically the first thing your child brings home from Home Ec class.
We figured if these chin stroking nincompoops would happily fork over the cost of a decent meal for a bar of chocolate, what would they pay for Magical Gold Plated Dessicated Foetus?
Aug 08 2012 02:43 GMT stuboy
We were going to go for lead lined ones to avoid x-rays but the gold ones were much prettier & seemed to sell better.
& we would have got away with it if it hadn't of been for that meddlesome hunju.