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LILI'S FEELING BETTER!!!! I've not seen her this happy & healthy for months now.


This is her under the influence of Catnip. :>))
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 31 2010 07:14 GMT Tavascarow
A woman on another forum I post on makes stuffed rats with catnip & valerian root & from the comments I've read the cats love them.
Jan 31 2010 07:33 GMT hbla PRO
adorable! is she the beige kitty? she was having fun!
Jan 31 2010 07:36 GMT hbla PRO
okay, I see now. she was tired of watching that goofball spaz out by herself and had to jump in LOL.
Jan 31 2010 09:35 GMT linnywv PRO
Short hairs are so cute! My cat doesn't like catnip! Can you believe it?
Feb 01 2010 00:16 GMT megmet PRO
My cat reacts in just the same way, my last cat didn't react to it at all though!
Feb 03 2010 12:10 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Cool Steve thanks. I've seen the toys in pet shops with catnip inside but thought the real thing would be better.
Feb 03 2010 12:12 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Hahahaha Hbla. Lili's a very light grey, It's officially called lilac. She was just enjoying the smell & taste. I love how it turns full grown adult cats into rolling cutesy kittens again!
Feb 03 2010 12:14 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Oh Linny that sucks. Is your cat a boy by any chance? I don't think male cats are into it as much as females are. Carbon pretty much ignores it whereas if I give it to Gismo or Lili they roll around like tarts.XD
Feb 03 2010 12:16 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Yeah Megmet sometimes they can be fussy or just not in the mood for it but other times they roll around so hard they almost do flips. I don't know what they love in it but it's so great to watch a cat that likes it.
Feb 25 2010 14:49 GMT Snappa
Both my cats dug up our Valarian daily and chewed on the roots..I had to replant it again and again, in the end they won..One would become comotose and the other lay on his back all afternoon waving his paws in the air.....I've tried to get some more but cant find it.
Mar 01 2010 03:05 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Oh hahahahahahahaha!! That's so cool, not for the plants though. My boy Carbon always lays in the Catnip garden & 'cos he's so big & fat he squashes it & then it dies. I guess when cats like something they LIIIIIIIIKE it. XD