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I once again feel the need to say sorry to alot of you who regularly come & check out my shots & leave comments for me.

I'm going through a very difficult time right now with my health. The basis of it is I have borderline severe bone degeneration disease in my spine with the beginnings of it in my hips & shoulders as well due to a Scoliosis I've had since I was about 8 years old. I'm finding the daily grind a little bit ouchy right now.

Another huge problem is one I've lived with all my life. I am double-jointed in both of my shoulders. As far as I've known I have had it all my life, well since I can remember anyway. Well now I'm older they're becoming a really big problem. Both of them have a torn or stretched tendon or ligament in them which allows my shoulder joints to pop out & I can put my arms waaaaaaay over the back of me which up until the last few years has been my quirky little party trick!! Well the game's up. I know of @ least 2 times they've been dislocated from something as simple as going to throw a ball. Also I had my right shoulder dislocated violently when I was working @ a camel farm by a 750kg bull camel when he decided to fling his head in the air. Well now my left shoulder is 100 times worse as our Rotty decided to have a spur-of-the-moment game of tug of war & that was it!! Out it popped. Since then my joint is knocking around in the socket to the point I can feel it rattling around.

I'm sorry for going on & on & boring you all to tears but with all this going on I can't do much of anything for long & if I do I pay for it down the track.

I get so disheartened as I loooooooooooooove uploading & sharing my world with you all, it is one of my real pure pleasures, but I see you all leaving me such gorgeous comments & I just drooooooooooool over the photos you are sharing too & I wish I could do the same for all of you but I can't.

So........I'm going to say one big, huuuuuuuuuuge.........


Be safe all.

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Comments on this photo:

Sep 29 2010 08:00 GMT rainbow71
Take care of yourself, I love looking at your photo's.
I love the grin on this one.
Sep 29 2010 08:13 GMT teddybear2
I love looking at your photos from your part of the world Robyn.
I wish there was something I could do to help. I will send you positive thoughts to get you though your rough patches.
Love the awesome grin on this beast
Sep 29 2010 08:24 GMT hans55 PRO
take care Robyn ...and try to keep smiling !! ...and i like to look at your pictures too !!
get well soon !!
Sep 29 2010 10:03 GMT Papagena
My sincere wishes to you hoping that doctors will be able to help you a lot !! Don't loose your courage, I shall send you a lot of positive thoughts as well !!

I am looking forward to view your new pictures !!
Oct 02 2010 04:27 GMT Littleollie
Where I come from Robyn we have a saying, and that is 'Kia Kaha', 'stay strong'. I hope this for you and pass on my positive thoughts too. I have always liked seeing your captures, as a fellow WA FT member it is always interesting to see what you see down in your part of the state. We hope things improve for you really fast and you are able to have a pain free and happy live, and you can continue to take more of the great captures that you have so far posted on FT.
As you can see, people care about other members of what is this 'family' called Fotothing; most having never met them.
Sincere best wishes, Ollie.
Oct 06 2010 00:03 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Wow thanks so much everyone you're all adorable. Really my photography is my one real pleasure these days apart from my model horses. I'm glad you all like looking @ my photos. I love looking @ yours too!! I put alot of love into my shots & I'm glad most of you are feeling something from them.