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Last week, 10" of snow, Today starting in this order; ice (up to 1/4 inch solid ice, freezing rain,sleet and finally snow.

Tonite is is expected to have temperatures around 0F (-17.78C).
Preliminary projections are for about 200k to lose power if the potential adds a little more ice.

We're under a winter storm warning with a blizzard watch.

We would be on the south of the blizzard - projections are 6-13" (15.25cm - 33cm) - not a lot for some of our friends but pretty heavy for us!

Fall came and went somewhat quietly - staggered colors - past years have been better. :-)

Have a fantastic week!

(constructive critique is welcome)

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 31 2011 22:35 GMT MargNZ
Goodness me that is nasty weather Bill ... take care !
Great photo .
Jan 31 2011 23:23 GMT megmet PRO
Hope you will be able to stay indoors and keep warm until it passes!
It's a great photo but.....it looks so cold it's making me shiver just looking at it!
Feb 01 2011 01:59 GMT potterjo
Waiting for it to hit here...hope its not going to be a repeat of 2009. Ice, then snow and dropping temps. Suppose to start in the morning. Have a warm week : )
Feb 01 2011 04:55 GMT martini957
Wow...stay warm

"I'm convinced we are given children so death doesn't come as such a disappointment. :-)"
Made me smile : ))

Feb 01 2011 05:12 GMT Midworlder PRO
That's ridiculous
Feb 01 2011 05:50 GMT Annamaria
So much snow, Bill! Hang in there... spring will come in a few weeks....
Feb 01 2011 14:23 GMT fourdeadpresidents
Blizzard warning here... It doesn't really seem to be doing much other than a little sleet. I think we dodged this one by about 30 miles north.
Feb 01 2011 15:42 GMT Papagena
In our area it's cold but never so much as in yours. And we don't have snow since some weeks.........

I agree with the other: Stay inside in your warm room !!
Feb 01 2011 21:54 GMT bennystr
Just wow!
Feb 01 2011 23:23 GMT junne PRO
shoveling snow and driving on icy roads during global warming must feel odd :-)))
Feb 02 2011 02:31 GMT PhotoPro PRO
yeah it's a real conundrum! :-))