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photos from the air show!!!

Made famous by the Vietnam War, the MiG-17F was the primary enemy aircraft engaged in the skies over Vietnam by U.S. aircraft, During that war and up until the F-16 entered service, it was the tightest-turning fighter in the world. This particular Mig entered service with the Soviet bloc in March 1960 and wasn’t withdrawn from service until May 1990. The MiG-17F can maintain 8g turns (8g = 8 times the force of gravity on the pilot’s body), attain a maximum speed of 715 mph (Mach 1.04) and can climb to 30,000 feet in only 3 minutes, with an initial rate of climb better than 14,000 feet per minute.

The pilot Randy Ball designed his demo to resemble the demo of the F/A-18 Hornet or the ‘high G’ show of the F-16 Falcon. During his demo in the MiG-17F, he routinely pulls 8gs, and reaches speeds approaching 700 mph, all while only a few hundred feet off the ground.
Randy has also had the honor of providing the enemy aircraft to be flown against the USAF’s F-4 Phantom II at a number of air shows around the U.S. (MiG vs. F-4), helping to tell the story of the USAF’s history over the skies of North Vietnam. Randy is the only civilian pilot ever approved by the USAF to fly with their Phantom. Randy has appeared in eighteen magazines, and on several occasions been filmed by the Discovery Channel, in particular while performing with the USAF F-4 Phantom II.

full frame shot, reduced digital noise, applied some lighting adjustment and resized

Have a great week!!!

(constructive critique is welcome)

coming soon -
the St Louis Zoo
and another - St Louis Air Show - from high up in the hills above the air field:
and on Mon 09/03 we went to a small car show - that next
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 13 2007 18:55 GMT hans55 PRO
very good work !!!
Sep 13 2007 19:11 GMT PatNolan
Excellent PhotoPro.
Sep 13 2007 19:25 GMT sini
Sep 13 2007 19:30 GMT gwen83
I love you work............
Sep 13 2007 19:34 GMT Lensvision
Sep 13 2007 19:42 GMT LisaSam67
this is a great pic sweety! love the framing and all the black in it.... looks neat on the thumbnails all over the site :-)
Sep 13 2007 19:52 GMT roncarlin PRO
All photos are great Bill!!!
Sep 13 2007 19:53 GMT mariazinha32
great shot
Sep 13 2007 20:21 GMT bennystr
Excellent presentation!
Sep 13 2007 20:34 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Great picture - fascinating detail - it is quite an aircraft!
Sep 13 2007 22:36 GMT Pondy PRO
(constructive critique is welcome)

Ok, I'll bite, the thumb looks great but the full size reveals mucho clumsy selection work, especially around the wheels.. maybe learning about the "feathering" of selections would help.
Sep 14 2007 04:17 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thanks Pondy - that's a good point. I went back around the entire jet (for 2 hours) cleaning up a lot of the parts - I decided to leave the wheels a little "unfinished" for definition, otherwise they would just blend in with the background.
I messed with the fricken feathering for way too much time - not enough, too much, etc. .... until I got bored... :-)))
I literally went to 500% and colored in pixel by pixel with the paint brush - I must have missed more than I thought?
Sep 14 2007 05:17 GMT Discovery
Very excellent work you have done here !!
Its great for an poster !!
Sep 14 2007 05:53 GMT paintpictures
very good series....
have a nice weekend...
Sep 14 2007 19:11 GMT gtc126
Gorgeous fighter Plane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 18 2007 03:10 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Great shot, excellent history!!
Sep 22 2007 16:37 GMT korni
Great shot!