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2008 St Louis Auto Show

2008 Honda S2000 ---- a "chick" car.... (thanks to vanillapanda for identifying it!)

You can see here how crowded it was at the show and why you won't see many shots without people in them....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

pretty soon, I'll be asking if you know the car - some of them I don't have a clue and I didn't write them down this time....

(constructive critique is welcome)

Coming up:

A drive up the scenic Mississipi River On the Great River Road with Fall colors on limestone cliffs
Small selection of downtown St Louis monuments and landmarks
a small car show
St Louis Air Show - from high up in the hills above the air field: http://www.stlcofair.org/
A tour of the St Louis Botanical Gardens
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2008 St Louis Auto Show
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 29 2008 23:52 GMT 1bebei
Fantastic Serie and Car!
Feb 29 2008 23:52 GMT 1bebei
Fantastic Serie and Car!
Mar 01 2008 02:16 GMT Studio88
Great Auto Series ;-))
Mar 01 2008 17:33 GMT bennystr
Beautiful color!
Mar 02 2008 05:44 GMT mavik
Would love to drive this one! :)
Mar 02 2008 19:09 GMT vanillapanda
doesn't look lik any civic at all.. are you sure it isn't the S2000? :) with a hardtop and a rear wing? :)
Mar 02 2008 22:04 GMT PhotoPro PRO
it could be vp - looking at it now.... I'm not sure, I'll look at the original and see if there are any markings
Mar 02 2008 23:37 GMT vanillapanda
I'm absolutely positive it's an S2000 :) and it can be a chick car, too! ever seen 2Fast2Furious? well, the female character Suki drove a pink one in that movie :)))
Mar 03 2008 03:08 GMT PhotoPro PRO
that's right - I'll change it!!

oh I remember Suki well..:-))
Mar 03 2008 06:39 GMT henrybohawk
wooowww--great pic--and this is my favorite color!!
Mar 05 2008 02:11 GMT gtc126
Wow!!! Beautiful color, great design.. might be a chick car but they have to be little!!!!LOL!!