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London England UK BigBen bh scanned 1994


This is a scan of one of my "found" photos from our trip in 1994. I thought the negatives were lost - but I FOUND them - yay!!
.a different perspective
Hope you are having a great weekend!!


(constructive critique is welcome)

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Small selection of downtown St Louis monuments and landmarks
a small car show
A tour of the St Louis Botanical Gardens
experiments with lights
experiments with splashes
2008 St Louis Orchid show
Snow sledders having fun
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 01 2008 13:56 GMT suzannesmash
Ahhhh im in London at Thursday!! Im happy you did find you pics.

Hope sunday is going greeeeeat...im going for greek dinner now..
Jun 01 2008 14:26 GMT kamilla
So beautiful!!
Jun 01 2008 15:39 GMT annieann PRO
Jun 01 2008 16:44 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Jun 01 2008 17:41 GMT Lensvision
Great shot!
Jun 01 2008 19:39 GMT otilia
Jun 01 2008 19:41 GMT dougrun PRO
Good "find", Bill. I love the different perspective of a much photographed scene.
Jun 01 2008 19:41 GMT LisaSam67
We found a place. 3/4 acres. Pool. 2 story country house with landscaping. 4bd 2.5 bath. Now to sell the other one and hope it goes fast. Not really sure if I can leave the lake but the kids need more room to roam and this place puts them in a better high school district! So that might make me leave the lake. We'll see what the man upstairs has to say about it ;-)
Jun 01 2008 19:53 GMT PhotoPro PRO
knocking on wood, fingers crossed and a prayer for you.

I'm doing some serious drooling right now......:-))
Jun 01 2008 20:09 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you Doug. I of course took the normal tourist photos of it too, but when I saw this tree (it was the beginning of Feb) I realized that I could capture a scene rarely viewed, and only at certain parts of the year.
I didn't have a clue what I was doing back then. I had broken my Vivitar 20 years earlier on a trip to the heart of the Mexican Sierra's and shot using an instamatic 35mm for years. I borrowed my Dad's camera and 2 lens for this trip.
Every year after the release of the first Minolta Maxxum my Dad bought the next year's model - literally getting the 1st one in Houston.
The irony was that although he had been taking photos for 45+ yrs and developing them himself - I always shot better photos with my inexpensive camera (it used to p*ss him off a little) -

He worked hard and had the knowledge, while I knew nothing about composition, ISO (although I just LOVED the results of Kodachrome 64 and Ectachrome 400). shutter speed aperature etc and didn't have any interest in learning any of those "technical things". I would just envision a photo in my mind when I looked at something and I pointed the camera and shot. Now that I realize how valuable that gift is - I woudn't trade it to be 21 again!! ;-))
Jun 01 2008 20:09 GMT Archer
Great shot of a great place!
Jun 01 2008 22:16 GMT LisaSam67
reminds me of jeff and his ability to get wonderful shots
he has no idea what he's doing yet he's using that D300 like it belongs in his hands
he pi$$ed me off earlier today taking a shot of some seagull thingy diving into the water... just a splash and wings above the water visible.... GRRRRRRRRRRRR
perfect fricken shot
Jun 02 2008 03:57 GMT LittleOurkie PRO
great! would have been a real shame to have lost them
Jun 02 2008 04:03 GMT LittleOurkie PRO
Things like that can drive some of us nuts....I was at a party last weekend. There was a 7 year old kid with a little "Wal-Mart special" digital taking better than decent pictures of the guests. I asked him if someone had told him how to take pictures so they will look good and he said "No,,,thats just how they are supposed to look".
Jun 02 2008 18:30 GMT LisaSam67
here figured that would be easier since it's a clickable link in here
wish they'd fix that in PMs lol
Jun 02 2008 18:43 GMT senna3
Fantastic architecture shot!
Jun 02 2008 22:48 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you - I know it's really irritating!!
Jun 03 2008 00:02 GMT LisaSam67
Omg Bill. This place could tempt me away from the lake. I dunno!!!! Freaking out!