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I haven't seen the moon in over 10 days, so here is the last one I shot:
shot as raw, adjustments to brightness and contrast only

(constructive critique is welcome)
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Comments on this photo:

May 28 2007 15:58 GMT gentletouch PRO
Even as a raw photo, I like it! No critique necessary.
May 28 2007 16:30 GMT Bali
May 28 2007 16:36 GMT Pasifae
Stunning!!! :)
May 28 2007 16:59 GMT Todd
The moon always makes for interesting pictures. Great Photo.
May 28 2007 17:43 GMT hallo
Great...you definitely have more details than mine of this evening, but I liked the blue sky!!
May 28 2007 18:11 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Nice looking moon Bill! Perhaps some smoothing on the sky? Other than that... very nice.
May 28 2007 18:18 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Brian - I don't know how to do selective smoothing in PSP.... any thoughts?
May 28 2007 18:41 GMT Lensvision
May 28 2007 19:33 GMT gtc126
Outstanding Shot....Very Clear...great detail can be seen. What kind of lense did you use...a bazooka lense!!!!! LOL
May 28 2007 19:50 GMT Adamus
Great shot.
May 28 2007 20:16 GMT cleftref PRO
Not easy to capture so well done!
May 28 2007 21:08 GMT paparazziboy
..Finaly I am able to see the dark side of the moon!, I love it Bill!
May 28 2007 21:45 GMT PatNolan
Very nice PhotoPro
May 28 2007 21:51 GMT GeoffReeves
Bill thats a cracker.I love seeing the moon in photos.I personally like to remove any colour noise as it gives it a mottled effect and in imho detracts from the appearance.Do you have ps?.
May 28 2007 22:04 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Geoff - have PS6 and Elements 4 but I use Paint Shop Pro for the little editing I do
May 28 2007 22:38 GMT Archer
This is really really nice one! Love to see the Moon in your photos
May 28 2007 23:43 GMT jceca PRO
well .. i can't take anything similar ... so, no help from me !!! :-)
i like it ......
May 29 2007 02:05 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Unfortunately - I'm a PS guy too :) Geoff's comment is spot on - removing the Chroma noise would make a pretty big difference.

Can you break the picture into "LAB" colours? (Lightness, A, B)?

Then you can blur/smooth the two Chroma Channels (A and B) while sharpening Luminosity (L)
May 29 2007 02:24 GMT PhotoPro PRO
to the best of my knowledge I can't break it into LAB colors.

maybe I need new glasses, but I don't see that much "noise" here. where are you seeing it and how is it reflected?
May 29 2007 02:28 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
It's particularly obvious on the left black area. the colour flecks. Thermal noise in the pixels.
May 29 2007 02:33 GMT Maryg
May 29 2007 02:38 GMT PhotoPro PRO
You've got really good eyes Brian - I just blew the original up to 400% before I could see it.... not sure how much of that is just due to size distortion.
May 29 2007 02:46 GMT junsjazz
i envy those splendid moon shot of yours! great shot always PP!
May 29 2007 02:53 GMT domesticfix PRO
Well done !!!! faved it .. :)
May 29 2007 02:55 GMT bluefam
wonderful big mooon.
May 29 2007 03:01 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Very nice! Lots of detail here! :)
May 29 2007 03:04 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I just did a preview of the original with an "automatic noise removal" - and I can see a difference on the moon but not on the black. it looks like a matter of balancing how much sharpness I am willing to sacrifice for noise removal
May 29 2007 03:25 GMT aquiles PRO
May 29 2007 03:25 GMT aquiles PRO
May 29 2007 03:43 GMT DGM
Did you edit raw through PSP? What PSP ver?
May 29 2007 04:12 GMT rohtas
great capture benny!..... atleast PS and ther editing software needs a good shoot to bring out the final manupulation........ your have got it just right!
May 29 2007 05:31 GMT PhotoPro PRO
May 29 2007 06:05 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
I tried playing a bit with it myself. It's tough work to clean up the black. :)
May 29 2007 12:14 GMT Elise
Wow...feel I could reach the moon :)
May 29 2007 14:06 GMT SIGMUND
Excellent shot!!!
May 29 2007 15:36 GMT suzannesmash
Perfect moon, even the dark side of the moon...and pink floyd...
May 29 2007 21:00 GMT GeoffReeves
Bill make sure its just Colour noise you remove (Chroma noise) If you reduce all noise it does lose detail and blurs the photo.With moon shots you cannot afford to do that
May 30 2007 08:32 GMT vanillapanda
May 30 2007 12:33 GMT SunnyRea
amazing shot
May 31 2007 02:31 GMT jomoud PRO
Fantastic capture Bill!!!!!!!
I see you had a focal length of 450, for the rest did you have camera on auto, or did you figure best setting yourself.
I am interested in learning more and more:)
May 31 2007 03:33 GMT nicoalfredo
REGARDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 31 2007 05:14 GMT PhotoPro PRO
John I shot this in Shutter Priority on a tripod. As you might guess the fuller the moon gets the faster the speed you'll set. I usually forget the exact best speed so I shoot 3-5 shots at different speeds to cover myself - you can't tell from the screen if the detail and coloring will come out right.