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828 views 1 person's favourite photo

geranium bloom - I still think at the beginning stages they look like miniature roses

soft focus - very hard for me

experienced best at original size!
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 21 2006 12:00 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
You are OK..............and you have power.

Wow was worried about you after watching the news last night.

Jul 21 2006 12:03 GMT Justagirl
I thought this was a rose PP!! Well done! This is stunning!
Jul 21 2006 12:11 GMT Elise
like dreaming.....great shot!
Jul 21 2006 12:13 GMT Poulet PRO
So dreamy........
I like it a lot!!
Have a beautiful weekend Bill. :))
Jul 21 2006 12:19 GMT hallo
Very nice and soft image!
Jul 21 2006 12:36 GMT Assesssin
Great shot!
Jul 21 2006 13:13 GMT kosmos PRO
Looks very much like a rose!
Jul 21 2006 13:34 GMT Scarlett PRO
Great DOF and lovely pic!! You're the king of red flowers! :)
Jul 21 2006 13:42 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Great pic, beautiful flower!
Jul 21 2006 14:48 GMT SunnyRea
Yeah I was gona say the same thing looks like a rose...beautiful
Jul 21 2006 14:49 GMT potterjo
Nice shot, thought it was a rose in the thumb
Jul 21 2006 16:11 GMT marijke06
soft red and lovely PP!!
Jul 21 2006 19:38 GMT korni
a lovely soft quality !
Jul 21 2006 20:05 GMT Adamus
Absolutely beautiful.
Jul 22 2006 10:40 GMT Riet
The original is beautiful indeed!
Jul 22 2006 17:59 GMT PennyLane PRO
a beauty! i love the soft focus!
Jul 22 2006 18:33 GMT tadieubone PRO
really lovely the two pics , well done !!
Jul 22 2006 18:54 GMT GeoffReeves
A great focus is what you`ve achieved......truly soft
Jul 22 2006 20:50 GMT Satto
So nice softness.....so beautiful....and so red...GREAT work:-)
Jul 23 2006 00:59 GMT saintnobody
lovely shot
Jul 23 2006 01:35 GMT Haw59 PRO
This is my favorite of the three.
Jul 23 2006 01:39 GMT PhotoPro PRO
We were so extraordinarily blessed, power flickered 5-6 times but never left us. I was outside driving a coffin nail when the front hit - it was amazing. There are 3 100' trees about 100 yards from my sliding glass patio door where I was.

The trees began these huge rhythmic sways back and forth - the wind was whipping small cattle into the air(kidding) and anything not nailed down got scattered by the incoming wind..
Suddenly, the tree tops began to swirl in clockwise circles 30-40' in diameter. The circular motion sped up as the winds increased their fury and a Port-A-Can out on the road was blown over and started rolling towards us!

I quickly finished driving my nail and went inside the sliding glass door locking it behind me. I realized almost immediately that locking the door offered little or no protection from what I was beginning to think was a tornado.

The storm passed by quickly, and miraculously we were spared any damage or loss of power. The other 1/2 of our apt. complex lost power and it will be out for 2-3 days. With heat indexes in the 100's Gail & I were very thankful that we didn't lose power. We are both on meds that can cause heat stroke if we get too over-heated.
*poetic and literary license utilized here*

As I have typed this we just lost power and I foolishly haven't replaced the battery in my ups that the router is on so now I will save this *missle* in notepad and shut down my notebook.

I was typing this Fri morn to you as a reply. The power was out until this morning. Another sudden storm had passed thru and knocked out our power. We ended up packing up the dog and spending the night at the church. We came home mid-morning and have been trying to catch-up ever since.

I suffered from severe FT withdrawal until last night when I discovered a high speed internet connection at church...... only to find out FT was down!!! That sent me into a dimension of p*ssed off like I've never seen!! :)))

Thank you for asking - how are things with you?

Jul 24 2006 19:03 GMT SIGMUND
Jul 29 2006 18:09 GMT mp0255
beautiful one!!!