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stlouis missouri us usa SAFB sport airshow Boeing DreamLifter 092108 2008


Getting very close to the end of the show now - just a couple left......
There is something about this name that just makes me feel good! A different perspective.
Have a great week!!
(constructive critique is welcome)
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 25 2009 02:56 GMT ashdad PRO

That is a big plane!
Feb 25 2009 03:07 GMT LisaSam67
weird lookin'
Feb 25 2009 04:27 GMT larrybenedict
Seems like I saw something about this "Beluga" plane on discovery channel. What do you know about it Bill? Built to ferry airplane parts for the 'Airbus' maybe??? It's been several months ago that I saw the program and I just do not recall why this plane was modified like this.
Feb 25 2009 05:24 GMT junne PRO
i was waiting for them to name a plane after you ! :-)))))
Feb 25 2009 06:00 GMT globemaster
we get boeing test flights here in colorado springs. I didnt get to see the Dreamlifter out here. We got to see the 777F that Air france just got delivery of the other day. hope we can get the Dreamlifter at an airshow soon. Great picture!!!
Feb 25 2009 06:03 GMT globemaster
it was modified to carry pre fabricated fuselage section, wings(whole) most parts of a 787 so they can go to everett and be assembled faster. It was engineered by Boeing, and carries parts for Boeing 787. the Beluga is an Airbus product, and carries parts for Airbus aircraft, only.
Feb 25 2009 06:58 GMT martini957
AWESOME plane & name : ))
Feb 25 2009 08:18 GMT hans55 PRO
a very impressive aircraft !!
thanks for the info globemaster !!!
Feb 25 2009 15:17 GMT biggles
This reminds me of way back in the '80s when the Space Shuttle/747 carrier combo visited Britain. I have an old print of that somewhere, I should scan it in and post it for everyones delectation...

These are great air show shots.

I got some crappy pics of the Blue Angels whan I passed by Brawley a few years back...
Feb 25 2009 15:23 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I look forward to that post!

I grew up a number of years in Corpus Christi, Texas - and at that time in the early 1960's they had the world's largest naval air station. I got to see the Blue Angels quite often - incredible talents and awesome machinery. The Thunderbirds (in this series) are the US Air Force equivalent.
Feb 25 2009 15:31 GMT biggles
The Blues were flying F-18s at that time.

My all time fave aerobatic team is the Flying Jokers from Norway, they used to fly F-5s and were very noisy!!!
Feb 25 2009 15:45 GMT biggles
The Blues were flying F-18s at that time.

My all time fave aerobatic team is the Flying Jokers from Norway, they used to fly F-5s and were very noisy!!!
Feb 25 2009 16:49 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks for the information 'globemaster.'
Feb 25 2009 17:38 GMT jomoud PRO
Wow, that plane is huge!
Great capture Bill.
Feb 26 2009 02:27 GMT Studio88
Amazing Big Plane With Your Name ;-))