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cloud clouds sky white gray stlouis


Short cloud series - the rain finally stopped!
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 17 2005 01:11 GMT TB
Yeahhhhh. No more rain.
Nice clouds.
Aug 17 2005 01:16 GMT Maryg
I love to watch the sky... Doesnīt matter if itīs rainy or sunny. Itīs always beautiful!
Nice mini series...
Aug 17 2005 01:24 GMT ojozzz
Hand in hand clouds walk.
Aug 17 2005 01:34 GMT DGM
Same here. Synchronized weather?:)))
Aug 17 2005 01:43 GMT vanderzee
Photopro knows something, and he's not saying.
But I know what it is, he's watching the sky because he knows we're not alone.
There's other life out there beyond the clouds, and it's gonna be discovered any day now.
They've been hovering out there just beyond the moon, observing us and the way we treat our planet.
And when the time is right, they'll swoop in on us and, and, and...what will they do to us photopro?
Never mind, we'll take them to our leader.
Nice sky and clouds.
Aug 17 2005 05:22 GMT gr8ronkinroll PRO
"They call it stormy monday, but tueday's just as bad...."
Aug 17 2005 05:26 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Beautiful clouds, at least yours brought rain!!

Aug 17 2005 10:44 GMT curves PRO
Nice little break for you.....now the temp goes up
Aug 17 2005 11:29 GMT satomi
summer again ;))
Aug 17 2005 11:44 GMT Grimacher PRO
Lovely series!
Aug 17 2005 12:05 GMT AmericanPainter
Nice photo series!
Aug 17 2005 13:33 GMT JennaBoo
nice clouds! very pretty.. thanx for the comment!!
Aug 17 2005 15:11 GMT OutdoorExposure
beautiful sky:-)
Aug 17 2005 17:29 GMT Lensvision
Lovely series.
Aug 17 2005 17:56 GMT Pepe
Thanks for your comments. I have never thought of taking sky pictures like this, really nice.
Aug 18 2005 01:55 GMT digitalchick
yes we got your rain. thanks alot.