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scavenger hunt - juggling 3 or more (1 of 2)
Today we celebrate the work and dedication of the person that started FunFriday - - http://www.fotothing.com/Backstreets/
drop by his Fotothing site (you'll see some amazing work there) and just look, say hello or thank him for being such a wonderful part of Fotothing!!
a sign of spring - the tulips are blooming all over

have a wonderful weekend!!


(constructive critique is welcome)

Coming up:
Small selection of downtown St Louis monuments and landmarks
a small car show
St Louis Air Show - from high up in the hills above the air field: http://www.stlcofair.org/
A tour of the St Louis Botanical Gardens
experiments with lights
experiments with splashes
2008 St Louis Orchid show
Snow sledders having fun
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 26 2008 04:37 GMT elbeaver
Look at that :P fun to look at!
Apr 26 2008 05:00 GMT roncarlin PRO
Great shot.
Apr 26 2008 05:04 GMT aquiles PRO
gran jugada !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...SALUDOS, AMIGO !!!!
Apr 26 2008 05:22 GMT abojovna PRO
Nice move :-)! Have a happy weekend too!
Apr 26 2008 05:45 GMT Ciekee
Great shot, not easy to juggle with hard ones lik this ,I think there are more than 3! Well done! Have a nice weekend too!
Apr 26 2008 05:48 GMT Pueo PRO
juggle! juggle Bill!
Apr 26 2008 06:16 GMT Haw59 PRO
Good juggler and Christopher took the picture. Good job Christopher!!!
Apr 26 2008 06:28 GMT Prikthai
You are looking for a neew job?
Apr 26 2008 06:50 GMT suzannesmash
Woohooo GREAT..lol

hey whats sooooo very wrong with uploading lately, i can see and i know
that both me and carolyn as pro memeber have been trying for almost one hour to upload and fails all the time, but i can see..latest upload from pro member is almost one hour ago, while non pro member uploads constantly..
Apr 26 2008 08:33 GMT bennystr
Apr 26 2008 08:44 GMT junne PRO
so much talent! :-)))
Apr 26 2008 09:45 GMT Maurabia
Apr 26 2008 11:43 GMT Riet
Great portrait! Have a wonderful weekend, Bill:)
Apr 26 2008 14:57 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Is your team winning? :) Nice portrait. Who knew your many talents?
Apr 26 2008 14:59 GMT LisaSam67
hahahahaha that's just great Bill!
Apr 26 2008 15:22 GMT ashdad PRO
Magic fingers!
Apr 26 2008 17:01 GMT iyerhari
Apr 26 2008 21:11 GMT megmet PRO
Nice to see you again Bill, I've missed you while I've been away!
Yesterday I got my internet connection so just as soon as I have caught up on my mail for the past four and a half months I will post some photos of our new home in Spain. :-))
Apr 26 2008 21:15 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Oh meg I have missed you so much!!

I can't wait to see the pics and also photos of what you've been doing
Apr 26 2008 21:54 GMT megmet PRO
One is on its way for you now Bill. :-)
Apr 26 2008 22:22 GMT Studio88
Bill , You Look Like a Good Juggler - Nice Tribute to Backstreets ;-))
Apr 26 2008 23:01 GMT Cooler PRO
Wonderful work there Bill ;-)))
Apr 27 2008 00:37 GMT jceca PRO
Apr 30 2008 23:31 GMT gtc126
Super Action Captures!!!!!