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sometimes a beautiful rose, like people is made better by it's small imperfections

(constructive critique is welcome)
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 01 2007 06:57 GMT losp

For me, I love to view a more "constructively" refreshing
rose to lighten its small imperfections. To me, rose's
imperfections and man's imperfections are 2 different
things. What is true for rose, may not be so to man :o)
lol on my words. ..Yes, this rose here is very attractively
beautiful, despite its little imperfections as stated by you !!! ..
Best wishes to PhotoPro.
Feb 01 2007 08:06 GMT voodoo23
so beautiful natural colors!
Feb 01 2007 08:50 GMT Squirrel PRO
Wonderful photo !
Feb 01 2007 09:26 GMT genese
beautiful bill, very well done nicely centred, back grounds blurred perfectly!
now uve had the critique ..... just wanted to say stunning :):)
Feb 01 2007 11:29 GMT hallo
Feb 01 2007 12:49 GMT junne PRO
ok, you want constructive criticism! :-)) here it is. instead of cloning the white spot out, you cropped on the left. that takes the rose too close to the side while the other side is empty. our eye is trained to read from the left to the right, so looking at this picture something bothers. maybe arabic reading people like it better :-)))) i also liked the darker image better, but that is because i am waiting for a black rose to be developed :-))))))))))))))
Feb 01 2007 12:55 GMT StavrosMoforis
constructive critique : SUPERB shot!!!
Feb 01 2007 14:26 GMT PhotoPro PRO
junne - it's a different rose with no post processing
Feb 01 2007 14:42 GMT Bali
Wonderful one!!!!
Feb 01 2007 15:18 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Knew it was not the same rose............that is easily seen. I too don't mind the imperfections. However when those imperfections are white or light color, they draw the eye away from the true beauty........and there is nothing wrong with the negative area on the right, it is dark and doesn't draw the eye.
Feb 01 2007 15:40 GMT Adamus
Feb 01 2007 16:48 GMT saintnobody
Feb 01 2007 20:10 GMT bennystr
Feb 01 2007 21:19 GMT jamby PRO
Hi Bill...I have worked with this above photo to illustrates what I have in mind that I have already told you when you asked for constructive critique...I hope you like what I have done with it..please check it out!!!

Feb 01 2007 21:20 GMT LizSA
a beautiful rose......yes we need to be a bit inperfect.......!!!
else we will not be normal.....!!! I have a few...:-))
Feb 04 2007 01:13 GMT deanbed
A real beauty, well done!
Feb 04 2007 18:56 GMT Fankocska
full of wonder and beauty
Feb 08 2007 23:05 GMT gtc126
Wonderful shot...rich red color.....Roses are my favorite flower...well done...