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this photo is Jessica Rabbit before the extreme makeover
see here for the after photo:

Have a great weekend!!!

(constructive critique is welcome)

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the Veiled Prophet Parade on the 4th of July
photos from the air show:
and from the St Louis Zoo
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 29 2007 21:09 GMT irashid
Perfection !!!!!
Jul 29 2007 21:17 GMT cleftref PRO
Sharp and clear, well captured!
Jul 29 2007 21:44 GMT dreamowl
what beautiful sweet photo...!!! great
Jul 29 2007 22:05 GMT SunnyRea
Awww cute bunny :)
Jul 29 2007 22:10 GMT ashdad PRO
Great catch!
Jul 29 2007 22:34 GMT losp
Very alerting, attentive one so very beautifully
captured at such moment in time & in place !!!
Jul 29 2007 22:37 GMT Molivac
Beautiful image !!!!
Jul 29 2007 23:22 GMT Poulet PRO
Great catch!
Sweet shot, Bill! :))
Jul 30 2007 00:19 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
She didn't need a make over! Great capture
Jul 30 2007 00:35 GMT elbeaver
shot mate
Jul 30 2007 01:48 GMT wifey
Aw… bunnies are the cutest… not found where I live though… except at the pet store.
Jul 30 2007 01:49 GMT wifey
You found Fiver! :D
Jul 30 2007 03:03 GMT gtc126
Super shot Of Bugs Bunny!!!!!
Jul 30 2007 03:31 GMT junne PRO
i had one of those. the cat dragged the tiny baby in and we nursed it up. many sleepless nights! :-))

great make over :-)))
Jul 30 2007 03:35 GMT Joy34 PRO
LOL. When you say extreme makeover I thought you meant a fricassee..................
Jul 30 2007 03:54 GMT aquiles PRO
EXCELENTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....BELLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 30 2007 04:29 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Nice of it to stay still for you. Was it tasty? [/wicked grin]
Jul 30 2007 04:35 GMT LizSA
Bill ... so sweet.... I can never get close enough.......and they are so small in the
long grass......I just cannot get a good photo of them....
Tomorrow we will travel to the Smokey Mountains.......we wiill do our first pitstop
at Sweetwaters....for the underwater lake.....and then travel to Pigeon forge to
visit Dolly Wood..........I will not be on FT for a while.....I might post photos...
we will take the laptop with us.. all depends on the hotel...if it has reception cable :-)
Jul 30 2007 06:34 GMT deefer PRO
Good capture, excellent sharp detail.
Jul 30 2007 07:47 GMT Katarzycho
great shot
Jul 30 2007 08:07 GMT abojovna PRO
Nice photo of Jessica amd cute toy on deviant web :-)!
Jul 30 2007 08:45 GMT junsjazz
excellent capture!
Jul 30 2007 10:37 GMT hans55 PRO
great catch !!!
Jul 30 2007 13:11 GMT bluefoxzlf
Jul 30 2007 17:37 GMT bennystr
So cute!
Jul 30 2007 18:12 GMT Elly
Nice rabbit. Good colours and sharpness. Great moment eating the grass.
I woud have cropped the right part of the picture, so the rabbit isn't in the centre of the picure and the tree doesn't "disturbe" (the tree isn't adding to the picture).
But I would love to make such a sharp rabbit picture. Well done.
Jul 30 2007 18:19 GMT will
Great bunny shot Bill..:) have a nice week too!
Jul 30 2007 18:47 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you Elly for your feedback!!!!

I thought about cropping the photo, then decided not to(besides - the crop tool is locking up the program quite often). If I spent more time I would have cropped it right to his tail, then mirrored the photo so he was in the lower left.
Sometimes I like to fly in the face of the rule of 1/3rds..... especially if I am running low on time! :-))
Jul 30 2007 20:12 GMT jceca PRO
i've recognized her at once !!!! :D

cute guy here ......
Jul 30 2007 21:00 GMT Minz PRO
Great capture !
Jul 30 2007 23:06 GMT mariazinha32
great shot
Jul 31 2007 18:53 GMT Elly
Photopro: I don't shoot always confirm the rule of 1/3 ;-) but sometimes I like it most.
It depends on the subject and the other parts of the picture.