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During the eclipse we had overcast skies. Rwo hours later the skies had cleared so at least I got a clear full moon.

Hopefully during the next eclipse in August when it will be more over N America the skies will be clear.

(constructive critique is welcome)
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 04 2007 05:56 GMT Wildspirit PRO
It was just an ordinary full moon out here. Nice shot.
Mar 04 2007 06:03 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Your moon is nice, albeit a little bit out of focus. I've found when shooting the moon that I have to make a decision if I'm going to expose for the bright parts or for the mare. As it stands it doesn't really draw me into it.
(you asked!)

I've also read (and found) that a not as full moon offers much more contrast at the shadowed edge which adds some drama to an otherwise somewhat flat subject.
Mar 04 2007 06:30 GMT Discovery
You got it very good!
450 mm objective ?
Nice! :-))
Mar 04 2007 07:32 GMT mp0255
very good, very good
Mar 04 2007 07:35 GMT 7den
Good shot!
Did you use some tripod or make that by your hands?
Mar 04 2007 07:57 GMT benthalo
Nice work and I agree with dragon in that full moons are hard to look interesting (Copernicus the only visible crater), 1/4 moons I find create much better definition and contrast. No Eclipse in my part of the world I don't think ;)
Mar 04 2007 08:16 GMT Maurabia
such a strange feeling to see that , thanks !
Mar 04 2007 09:06 GMT GeoffReeves
Its been said Bill.Part moons can be much more contrasty and if the right part is shot the craters show and add a lot of interest.Its always wonderful to see the Moon though :-))
Mar 04 2007 10:21 GMT Poulet PRO
Mar 04 2007 11:02 GMT marijke06
here were clouds too....:(
Mar 04 2007 11:21 GMT bennystr
Very nice capture!
Mar 04 2007 12:33 GMT Dorado
Beautiful capture
Mar 04 2007 12:44 GMT PhotoPro PRO
DS - you're right, this wasn't one of my better shots. I had trouble focusing (since when at infinity does 225,000 miles have different levels of focus anyway?) so I tried manual focus - my greatest weekness. I rely heavily on auto focus except for macros because the subject is just too small in the viewfinder.

Since the moon was extraordinarily bright I used settings that were a little slow and only shot a couple of different speeds because I was freezing!

I noticed from the majority of European shots (with color) had very little relief detail compared to normal moons.

Shoot and learn! Thank you for your input!
Mar 04 2007 13:29 GMT slats1
PhotoPro,,,,, Looks good. Try a manual setting. Infinity should end at approx. 1/2 mile with that 450 lens. Any thing past that should be in focus.
Photoshop sharpen with mask sharpen a little contast and you'll love the difference. Good luck,,,,,, Slats1 Steve USA
Mar 04 2007 14:49 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Good one!! No eclipse here.................the whole show was over before the moon topped the mountain1
Mar 04 2007 14:54 GMT junne PRO
of course for a moon picture you need to set all manually. the auto will always settle for wide open lens, which costs depth of field, and for the shutter just keep it to faster than your hand shakes, ( :-)))) )

but you did alright here. by blowing it up so much you lost again some of the detail.
Mar 04 2007 15:02 GMT backstreets PRO
Woderful full moon !!!
Mar 04 2007 15:36 GMT potterjo
your luck is holding....did you ever get your driver's license? We will keep our fingers crossed for aug.
Mar 04 2007 17:21 GMT Lensvision
Same here, but the sky cleared just in time to see the end.
Mar 04 2007 18:38 GMT korni
Mar 04 2007 19:39 GMT Dudu911
Please find here my shot:
made with canon eos 20d & 70-200 tele +2x convereter. (=400*1.6)
You did it well just need more apperture between 9 to 14 because optics give their best around this values. Also important moon needs short expo time (
Mar 04 2007 19:40 GMT hamrahi
Wonderful photo..................................
Mar 04 2007 20:23 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Steve - thanks for your input! I shot using aperature priority ( next time I will use manual.) and the focus was all the was out using the auto focus burt looked a little blurred so I switched to manual focus and zoomed out a little.
Even blown up to 400% it looks pretty sharp the way it ended up.
Mar 04 2007 20:26 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Dudu911 - thanks for your input. I usually shoot aperature priority and the camera "usually" chooses f8 - f 11 for me. I did shoot at 1/10000 though... any quicker and the shots were too dark. (I shot about 15 total at different settings)
Next time I will take more time and use manual.... when I'm not quite so COLD! :)
Mar 04 2007 20:32 GMT PhotoPro PRO
potterjo - Yes, I finally got my driver's license... in fact upon return I only had to wait 10 minutes!
Mar 04 2007 20:39 GMT Minz PRO
Always great to see !
Mar 04 2007 21:01 GMT Dudu911
Sorry., my comment broken half above..
Pls. find all expo data at my pic I wrote recently. Thx.
Mar 04 2007 22:15 GMT aquiles PRO
BELLA LUNA !!!!!!!!
Mar 05 2007 01:15 GMT DropOfPatience
i like it :)
Mar 05 2007 09:27 GMT sarina
Wonderful! I've taken some shot of the eclipse (I'll upload maybe tomorrow or the day after t.) but without a good zoom the moon is so little... :(
Mar 05 2007 14:32 GMT Satto
Nice and Beautiful shot....I like it:-)
Mar 05 2007 14:57 GMT StavrosMoforis
Bill, the moon, especially when full, is a pain-in-the-neck subject as you already know but this shot is not bad at all. Try some shots when it is 3/4 full and you will have nice crater shading, really spectacular sometimes!
Mar 05 2007 16:21 GMT PhotoPro PRO
good idea Stavros - I'll try some different size moons!
Mar 05 2007 20:32 GMT SunnyRea
Wow what a moon!