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If you never had crayons as a kid....... go out and buy some and let your "inner child" loose. This is a special box commemorating the 1958 set and is a duplicate of the same colors including some retired colors and some colors where the name has been changed (to be politically correct).

I never had crayons except for school as a child, and even then it was the smallest box availible. It wasn't until I was almost 50 that I got my first box of 64. This is a lot of colors! :)
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 14 2007 01:53 GMT jceca PRO
i loved them !!!!
but you are right ... those were small boxes ... always missed some color ... :-)

cool photos !!!!
Mar 14 2007 01:54 GMT Prikthai
This was my first business!!!! I sale crayons piece by piece in the school. Different colors for different prices! *smile*
Mar 14 2007 02:04 GMT ashdad PRO
Hey, you just lost 32 crayons!
Mar 14 2007 02:06 GMT Roadiepig PRO
Wasn't there one called "Indian Red" when we were kids?

I know THAT color is long gone ;)
Mar 14 2007 02:37 GMT mickmusser
Great subject. I especialy like this closer shot even with fewer colors.
Mar 14 2007 03:01 GMT potterjo
Lots of pretty colors, can almost smell them

bloodroot...The roots have a bright red juice that the Indians used for a dye.
Mar 14 2007 03:06 GMT nzshutter PRO
Great photo!! I have just purchased 2 boxes with 600 crayons in them. I will upload a photo to join in this theme. :)
Mar 14 2007 03:15 GMT wifey
They really had the metallics back then? Must've been full of leadů Crayola has come a long way! Impressive presentation Bill!
Mar 14 2007 03:19 GMT fhelsing PRO
That was one of my favorite gifts, both to give and to receive!
Mar 14 2007 04:16 GMT hans55 PRO
wonderfull colors !! ..good captured !!
Mar 14 2007 06:52 GMT Molly PRO
I seem to remember an Indian Red...
Mar 14 2007 06:56 GMT Joy34 PRO
My most despised color -- "Olive Green". I still hate it. Thanks for sharing.
Mar 14 2007 10:11 GMT Pueo PRO
The black crayon always went out first. We didn't have a box of crayons. Ours was a cookie tin with all manner of used crayons tossed in there. big ones, small ones, broken, dull... it was nice. I remember the smell when we opened the can. Ahh crayon memories.
Mar 14 2007 11:20 GMT Afrogie
This foto brings back wonderful crayon memories!
Mar 14 2007 11:35 GMT Jagged PRO
Genius, I'm going out and getting some a.s.a.p.!
Mar 14 2007 11:57 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Todd - Indian Red was indeed a color back then and is even in this commemorative box..... but no longer pc....
Mar 14 2007 11:58 GMT PhotoPro PRO
nz - can't wait to see your upload..... 600 - wow!
Mar 14 2007 12:33 GMT LizSA
This is sureley a very special box.... with a sharperner....and all the
colours........(politics in crayon colours...!!)
Mar 14 2007 18:18 GMT Midworlder PRO
Great series Bill, I could say ... "love the colours' but thats too obvious
Mar 14 2007 18:28 GMT AlisonBC
I remember the built in sharpener! I used to think it was the ultimate of artistic prowess to have this set...but then, I was 7 :D
Mar 15 2007 10:05 GMT kosmos PRO
We have exactly the same boxes in Sweden. I used to buy those big boxes to my children and they just loved the silver and gold crayons.
(I had a very small box too when I was a child. I guess that is why you want your children to have a big box.)
Mar 15 2007 14:19 GMT Riet
Your crayon series is a hit, Bill! Everybody remembers........:)))))
Mar 16 2007 13:26 GMT moniqpl
What colour can be 'politically incorrect'?? :)))
Mar 17 2007 13:04 GMT PhotoPro PRO
moniqpl - "Indian Red" used to refer to a color that the Native Americans used. It was incorrectly associated with the the Indians ("redskins") and so the name was changed.