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A short break from the airshow to show you the trademark for the Great Balloon Race today - the Energizer Bunny........
tons more shots to follow later

The Energizer Bunny® Hot "Hare" Balloon is the world’s largest hot air balloon—standing 15' taller than the Statue of Liberty And our Hot Hare is definitely a fan favorite, powering his way across the United States each year on the Hot Hare Balloon Tour.

Hot Hare Vital Statistics
All the details about the Energizer Bunny® Hot Hare Balloon—the world's largest hot air balloon.

Total Height: 166'—15' taller than the Statue of Liberty
Ears Height: 60'—as tall as the Presidents' faces on Mount Rushmore. The Hot Hare's ears alone are the height of an entire average-sized hot air balloon.
Head: 30' wide x 45' long ---------- Glasses: 32' wide --------- Drum: 45' diameter, 20' wide ------------ Nose: 16' wide ------------ Arms: 40' long ---------- Tail: 20' diameter -----------
Sandals: 60' long, 12' wide, 4' deep ------------ Shoe Size: 98 EEEEE
Balloon Volume: 180,000 cu. ft.—550,000,000 AA batteries could fit inside the Energizer Bunny® Hot Hare Balloon. That's enough power to juice a portable CD player for everyone in the United States.
Balloon Weight: 1,170 lbs.—the same as 4,680 D batteries, which would power 2,340 flashlights or a portable stereo for 9 months straight.

Double Burner Output: 30,000,000 BTU/hour—the equivalent amount of heat produced by 5,000 gas grills
Deflation Ports (Vents): 93 Fabric: 5,000 linear yards, 60' wide
Thread: 84 miles

Hot Hare Balloon Debut
The Energizer Bunny® Hot Hare Balloon I made its maiden voyage on September 18, 1994, leading a hare-and-hounds race at the 21st annual Great Forest Park Balloon Race in St. Louis. The Energizer Bunny® Hot Hare Balloon II debuted in the spring of 1999. Now in the eighth year of the Hot Hare tour, the Energizer Bunny® Balloon continues making surprise appearances around the country as the pink pitch-man for Energizer® brand batteries.

full frame shot, reduced digital noise, applied some lighting adjustment and resized

Have a great weekend!!!

(constructive critique is welcome)

coming soon -
the St Louis Zoo
and another - St Louis Air Show - from high up in the hills above the air field:
and on Mon 09/03 we went to a small car show - that next
after that - Friday 09/14 - St Louis Balloon Glow
and - Saturday 0915 - Great St Louis Balloon Race
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 16 2007 05:10 GMT domesticfix PRO
Nice shot .. You sure do go to a lot of air shows . Do you travel from show to show ?
Sep 16 2007 05:16 GMT Midworlder PRO
That is one high hop :-))))
Sep 16 2007 05:32 GMT PhotoPro PRO
domesticfix - I've been really lucky - all of these have been in about a 50 mile radius of where I live
Sep 16 2007 07:16 GMT domesticfix PRO
Cool ..
Sep 16 2007 08:13 GMT GeoffReeves
Lol looks funny...great shot!
Sep 16 2007 08:14 GMT GeoffReeves
ps....man that really is huge !!!
Sep 16 2007 09:17 GMT Captivelight PRO
LOL ... that's one big bunny
Sep 16 2007 09:56 GMT sweetjane
wow that is brilliant!!
Sep 16 2007 10:41 GMT Squirrel PRO
Funny shot >>>>>>>>>
Sep 16 2007 12:48 GMT Twiggs
Nice shot
Sep 16 2007 14:05 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Ah so Energizer is your big corporate sponsor. Wells Fargo is ours in Reno.

I didn't get near that many pix as you, as I was working on balloon crew for Aquatude, so I missed some shots, while working. Nice to have the info, eh?
Sep 16 2007 15:39 GMT sini
Sep 16 2007 16:06 GMT iyerhari
very very valuable sharing.........
Sep 16 2007 17:01 GMT Studio88
That Bunny Does Get Around - Great Photo and Info!!!
Sep 16 2007 17:28 GMT Lensvision
That's a cool balloon.
Sep 16 2007 17:42 GMT dolors
Great shot
Sep 16 2007 18:43 GMT bennystr
Great one, by all means... :-)
Sep 16 2007 18:59 GMT gtc126
Super Shot!!!!!!!!!!!!! This one will keeping on going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 16 2007 19:54 GMT Elise
Fantastic shot and detail....well done PP !!
Sep 16 2007 19:54 GMT mariazinha32
LOL...great shot....
Sep 16 2007 20:25 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Wow! a 166 feet flying pink bunny. I knew that acid I did when I was younger would catch up with me!
Sep 16 2007 21:04 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Sam - LOL!!
Sep 17 2007 01:01 GMT megmet PRO
Fabulous shot Bill. :-))
Sep 19 2007 10:30 GMT junne PRO
no wonder our planet is getting polluted. just think how much fuel got burned in just one air show. you on the other hand used clean digital power, well done