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If you never had crayons as a kid....... go out and buy some and let your "inner child" loose.

I never had crayons except for school as a child, and even then it was the smallest box availible. It wasn't until I was almost 50 that I got my first box of 96.
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 13 2007 14:47 GMT Empty
Nice shot..! Just don't be drawing on the wall.... :))
Mar 13 2007 14:59 GMT Misato12k
I loved crayons! still do actually ;D a box full of 96 different coloured crayons including metallic one,,, sounds fun!!!
Mar 13 2007 16:33 GMT Midworlder PRO
Tasted funny from memory :)) nice shot
Mar 13 2007 16:52 GMT soldier
Stunning pic!
Mar 13 2007 17:40 GMT maniax
time to draw!
Mar 13 2007 17:40 GMT Lensvision
They are fun!!!
Mar 13 2007 18:51 GMT gtc126
Nice shot...brings back memories..yep your right they only had small boxes with just your basis colors when i was a child!!!
Mar 13 2007 20:43 GMT Elise
great shot sweetie!
Mar 14 2007 12:43 GMT LizSA
OOHh...what next.... Plasticine.....and then a first year classroom....
Yes go for it..... Plasticine...PhotoPro....lets go all out to the first year
at school.....Crayons....Plasticine.....and most important of all...
a scirrors...to cut picture's and stick it with glue...that is all
the things I remember from my first year at school ...and do not forget the
smell of the blackboard chalk.....OOhh.....!!!
Mar 24 2007 21:13 GMT Kenonline
I'm 59, and I had Crayons when I was a kid. Always envied the kids that had the larger boxes. My parents were too "thrifty" to be getting the deluxe size. lol
Mar 25 2007 01:33 GMT PhotoPro PRO
me too Kenonline, that's why it took me 50 years to get what I wanted! :)