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2006 St Louis Airshow

I started this series with the most dramatic shot of the show. This was a demonstration from one of the fighters during a low ground pass.

Best experienced at original size!

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Comments on this photo:

Sep 04 2006 06:29 GMT marijke06
awesome..... never seen such show...impressive
isn't this heavy pollution of the air at the same time?...
Sep 04 2006 06:37 GMT bluefam
very impressive. powerful.
Sep 04 2006 06:41 GMT Wildspirit PRO
I believe this is the 'wall of flame' and years ago they had one over 3 miles (18000 feet) long...spontaneous wall of fire but it was not dropped from an aircraft, it was flammables placed on the ground and ignited all at once. Awesome!!
Sep 04 2006 06:59 GMT uwp
Unbelievable! Part of the show? It looks like a catastrophe! And even more strange are those guys at the front who are just picknicking...
Sep 04 2006 07:23 GMT korni
Absolutely stunning !
Sep 04 2006 07:29 GMT glassica
WOW!!!!! When i saw the thumbnail i thought it was a forestfire or something!!!
Impressive shot!!!
Sep 04 2006 07:37 GMT kosmos PRO
Really awesome!
Sep 04 2006 08:24 GMT mehmetyildirim
wonderful shot...
Sep 04 2006 08:33 GMT OverKell PRO
this must be terrible on the environment.
It's an amazing shot. I thought it was a real tragedy.
Sep 04 2006 09:03 GMT rescue193uk PRO
Amzaingly terrifying all in one with a hint of beauty
Sep 04 2006 10:10 GMT fainmen
Sep 04 2006 10:15 GMT edsmit
wow...really a amazing picture, one of my favourits !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 04 2006 10:18 GMT taste
Sep 04 2006 11:11 GMT DGM
Wow unbelievable!
Sep 04 2006 12:42 GMT DavidNewland PRO
Are the people at the front roasting marshmallows? ;)
Nice pic !
Sep 04 2006 12:49 GMT Afrogie
Amazing capture!
Sep 04 2006 13:20 GMT Dolcevita
Very dramatic, nicely timed photo
Sep 04 2006 13:39 GMT ashdad PRO
An amazing photo! A bit scary though.
Sep 04 2006 14:17 GMT gr8ronkinroll PRO
Amazing shot!
Although I'm a little disapointed in you for not getting closer. Us FT'ers must show no fear to get up close to our subject! ; ) hehehe
Sep 04 2006 15:10 GMT PhotoPro PRO
gr8 - I was up against the barrier - as close as I could go without being arrested. the people in the pic are show people - but I don't know how they stood the heat - it was like a furnace blast all the way back to us!
Sep 04 2006 15:11 GMT PhotoPro PRO
BP - ANow is exactly what it reminded me of!
Sep 04 2006 15:44 GMT Lalbabu
I agree with kosmos it's really awasome.
Sep 04 2006 15:46 GMT Poulet PRO
So powerful !!
Awesome shot Bill.
Sep 04 2006 16:21 GMT JBW
speechless......... fabulous!!!
Sep 04 2006 16:23 GMT Satto
WHHOWoow...this is so hot.....and soooo cool...:-)
Sep 04 2006 16:33 GMT Lensvision
Wow, that must be spectacular!!!!
Sep 04 2006 16:40 GMT Haw59 PRO
Glad to know those were show people because I would never go to a show that gets that up close and personal. Awesome and cool. Wow.
Sep 04 2006 17:59 GMT Elise
WOW!!!! Stunning.....well done!
Sep 04 2006 19:37 GMT hans55 PRO
wow ...at first sight i thought about a plane crashed !!! .... fantastic !!
Sep 04 2006 20:23 GMT deanbed
Thats some firepower!
Sep 04 2006 22:43 GMT Minz PRO
Brings very mixed emotions to me this photograph..........
Sep 04 2006 22:48 GMT backstreets PRO
a stunning image , truly impressive !!
Sep 04 2006 22:49 GMT Studio88
Sep 05 2006 02:05 GMT PhotoPro PRO
it was a lot of fun dd - thanks!
Sep 05 2006 02:20 GMT SunnyRea
Beautiful photo! WOW
Sep 05 2006 03:07 GMT karlbark
Amazing image!
I would have loved to see this show!

My respects,
-Karl Trausti from Iceland
Sep 05 2006 03:09 GMT rafaelm
sad but true
a great capture.
Sep 05 2006 03:51 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thanks Karl!!
Sep 05 2006 05:06 GMT Prikthai
OH my goodness
Sep 05 2006 05:29 GMT eshinobe
this is a great show!
Sep 05 2006 12:08 GMT fredaH
beautiful capture but rather scary me..
Sep 05 2006 20:31 GMT Archer
Sep 05 2006 21:20 GMT Rocco
really amazing
Sep 05 2006 21:26 GMT BoSelecta PRO
Wow... there's an almost ugly power about those dark plumes of flame but it's SUCH a compelling image. Great shot!
Sep 06 2006 19:40 GMT puppra
Spectacular hubris!
Sep 07 2006 13:40 GMT Ivojass
Awful.. I mean not picture but smoke and fire, I take it from nature and ecology point... But airplanes are well focused despite all problems of shaking!
Sep 08 2006 14:25 GMT nicoalfredo
WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 10 2006 13:29 GMT curves PRO
A wower Pp............
Sep 10 2006 21:48 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Sep 14 2006 06:39 GMT Scarlett PRO
I've already saw that in the past... It's really impressive and I really remember how I was afraid! Incredible shot PP! ;)
Sep 14 2006 11:05 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you Scarlett! It was rather intimidating in person. We could feel the heat from the blast 1/2 mile away!
Sep 18 2006 04:35 GMT nzshutter PRO
Outstanding shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a great capture. Well done!!!!!!!!!
Sep 18 2006 15:40 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you nzshutter!
Sep 23 2006 20:51 GMT matt138 PRO
i went to a show in elvington like that and its amazing how much wind comes off that explosion! great shot
Nov 30 2007 18:32 GMT PaP67
an absolutly stunning snap !
Nov 30 2007 19:54 GMT PhotoPro PRO
this took some doing to capture - the plane had made 2 passes already and I was having trouble with focus

I could feel the heat from this at about 1/3 mile away - you can see the people and the suv closer to it - they must have really felt hot!!