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cloud clouds sky white gray stlouis


Short cloud series - the rain finally stopped!
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 17 2005 01:07 GMT satomi
welcome back, sunshine :))
Aug 17 2005 02:07 GMT vanderzee
I knew they were out there.
I can see one now, about middle ways the screen, to the right, almost to the edge...a tiny dark looking spot.
You can just barley make it out, but I can tell it's a U.F.O. (it's been hovering there ever since photopro took this picture)

It's trying to hide in the cloud cover while the mother ship hovers into position. (thats why it's getting dark)
They're coming to take us away!
We had better get in touch with Washinton D.C.

I've been telling you guys for years this was going to happen one day.
You guys thought I was coo coo.
But now you believe me, because photopro has the proof!
Yes sir, his trusty Kodak DX 4530 camera is especially designed to pick up alien space-craft from a distance through the clouds.

I'll tell you what...why don't yall just take a little trip on over to vanderzee's latest alien abduction photo, and you'll see what I mean.