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Even though my birthday is Thursday March 1, I got to open my presents early this year (since I knew what they all were).

Not a tripod with a seperate ball head but just as versatile and heavy enough for studio or windy field work.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 27 2007 15:27 GMT gwen83
That is a very cool one:)))
Feb 27 2007 15:33 GMT paparazziboy
What a machine Bill!, Congratz!
Feb 27 2007 16:19 GMT gtc126
Happy Birthday My friend!!!! that looks like an awesome tripod......
Feb 27 2007 16:21 GMT Bali
What a great present!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Feb 27 2007 16:25 GMT hallo
Congratulations to your birthday and beautiful gadget:)
Feb 27 2007 16:26 GMT jceca PRO
wooow !!!! not bad present, not at all .... :-))
happy birthday in advance, bill !!!!!!!!

so, we are the same horoscope sign .... :-)
Feb 27 2007 16:43 GMT junne PRO
that type is perfect, fast to open, and allows you portrait and landscape position.
Feb 27 2007 17:07 GMT Tavascarow
Congrats my friend & nice kit.
Feb 27 2007 17:29 GMT Lensvision
That's a perfect gift, have fun!!!
Feb 27 2007 17:43 GMT rafaelm
looks strong!
Feb 27 2007 18:27 GMT Elly
Congratulations. It's is nice uesefull present.
i hope you will enjoy using it.
Feb 27 2007 18:42 GMT genese
after a manfroto tripod? ... great pressie happy earley birthday hunni
Feb 27 2007 22:31 GMT bennystr
Congrats, enjoy it!
Feb 28 2007 00:46 GMT maiylah
wonderful birthday present!!!
advance happy birthday, Bill! :))
Feb 28 2007 00:59 GMT Haw59 PRO
Heavy duty indeed.
And by the way Happy pre birthday.
Feb 28 2007 01:33 GMT ashdad PRO
Useful gift!
Feb 28 2007 02:58 GMT hans55 PRO
happy birthday my friend !
looks like a good one to me ... i want one too !!
Feb 28 2007 03:04 GMT SunnyRea
Wow lucky you. Mines the 14th :) Dont know what Ill be getting but probably nothing that nice lol Since I got my camera for Christmas. :)
Feb 28 2007 03:27 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Happy happy Birthday to youuuu!! :)))
You got some really cool gifts!! I like your tripod!
Feb 28 2007 09:53 GMT Adamus
Congratulations. A beautiful present.
Feb 28 2007 15:58 GMT jomoud PRO
Nice present Bill.
Have lotsa fun with it:)
Happy Birthday my friend.
Feb 28 2007 16:46 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Yep, that be a sturdy one!!

I have my daughters, that she had for her studio/large format camers. One of these days I am going to learn how to use the camera!!
Feb 28 2007 21:12 GMT grimp PRO
Happy Birthday Bill. Forget the other Bill with his Vistathing!
Mar 01 2007 05:07 GMT karlbark
I just noticed from junne http://www.fotothing.com/junne/photo/27f935511e692bc43089f1bf99b528dc/ that it“s your birthday today!
So happy birthday! Or as we say here in Iceland:
Til hamingju meš daginn. (To happiness with the day).(Roughly).
And congratulations on the tripod, it looks great :-)

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Mar 01 2007 06:14 GMT nicoalfredo
Mar 01 2007 11:12 GMT LizSA
at least your family know what to buy for your birthdays.....
no socks... shirts.... tie's,,,, etc.....crap....
I still owe my husband a birthday present....he had his birthday on the
26th of Feb.....maybe I will lookout for some camera equipment...(he helps
me a lot with my FT photo's)) :-))
Mar 01 2007 23:21 GMT alhoafun
now this looks like a great present! - much better than a programme!!
Mar 01 2007 23:44 GMT onichek
It looks great, PP! But... what's a ball head? I'm so curious now!!!
Mar 03 2007 00:14 GMT PhotoPro PRO
oni - ball head tripods have a seperate "head" that attaches to the tripod and the camera, the bottom is in the shape of a ball. I fits with special tripods that accept only ball heads. Usually much more expensive, but with some drawbacks.
Mar 29 2007 08:31 GMT Wildspirit PRO
I have an antique, a miniature, and a nice one almost like this but don't use any of them!!
Mar 29 2007 12:04 GMT PhotoPro PRO
you have a steadier pair of hands than I do Jim! :)
Jul 18 2007 19:03 GMT onichek
Thanks a lot for the explanation, PP! Never seen one in real life, though... I'm not even a close friend of tripods, even if I start beginning to see and understand some of their advantages.
I hope you're doing fine and getting along great with yours though :)