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scannerday photopro


Progression of time.........

Scanner Day the 24th

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Comments on this photo:

Feb 24 2006 15:40 GMT Levistrauss PRO
Beautiful your clocks! Which mark the schedule of the Brazil?
Feb 24 2006 15:42 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Are you running out of time??????
Feb 24 2006 15:54 GMT latif
beautiful watches
Feb 24 2006 16:10 GMT Riet
Great scan!!! So clear and sharp! I have stil stripes in the background. Lieke thought it had something to do with the resolution.
Feb 24 2006 16:58 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Riet, try covering the items you are scanning with a sheet of white or colored solid paper and see if that helps. It could also have to do with the software driver you are using - double check it's settings.
Feb 24 2006 17:07 GMT Grimacher PRO
Perfect scan!!!! Are these all your watches? Do you have a 'thing' about being on time? Perhaps you could teach Pondy a thing or two....;p
Feb 24 2006 17:23 GMT jomoud PRO
wow this late?
I haven't had my coffee yet
Great scan!!!!
Feb 24 2006 17:27 GMT tata28
great watches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!great shoot too!!
Feb 24 2006 17:43 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Grimacher - these are my watches going back to 1984 (one is missing) oldest on the left. Had the one on the right since 2003, middle since 2000, left since 1996. Previous one I wore (missing) I wore for 12 years, all Seiko.

Yes I have a "thing" about being on time. I have been late since the day I was born(literally - I was 2 weeks late, and my mother never lets me forget it). It also drives me crazy. The clock in my car and my watch are both set 5 minutes fast. The clock in the bathroom is 20 minutes fast. From where I am sitting here I can see 3 clocks, 2 - 2minutes fast(for setting vcr on time) and one is on time. The 5 minutes usually works, although it's now automatic to look at my watch and subtract the 5 minutes without realizing it.

When I was in sales(for about 250 years!) I was ALWAYS terrified of being late for an appointment. Luckily, I have some sort of internal "miracle" clock that allows me to "catch-up" even when I am running behind. Somehow for all those years despite leaving late I was only late for 1 appointment!

But bottom line, the watch 5 minutes fast makes a big difference.
Feb 24 2006 17:44 GMT PhotoPro PRO
PPP - I'm always running out of time!
Feb 24 2006 17:48 GMT Satto
Great watches...cool idea...wich one is correct time on..:-)
Great scanner....:-)
Feb 24 2006 17:53 GMT lieke
strong idea B.....blue background works very well
Feb 24 2006 18:21 GMT Seraphael PRO
Tempus fugit :o)
Feb 24 2006 18:27 GMT PhotoPro PRO
lieke, thank you. a couple of months ago I bought vellum paper in about 6 colors just for coloring backgrounds and filtering light for photos. Now if I could just afford a decent macro lens! :)
Feb 24 2006 18:28 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you c9, I'm pleased with the result.
Feb 24 2006 18:28 GMT Lensvision
Great scan!
Feb 24 2006 18:30 GMT curves PRO
Gee we only have 1 clock but it's atomic
Feb 24 2006 18:53 GMT WL
I think you travel a lot!
Feb 24 2006 20:30 GMT Grimacher PRO
My oh my....you really are fastidious about time ;) Until I started working I didn't have a watch at all, and loved every minute of it! Now I'm always conscious of the time.

Hang on to that vellum paper...keep it safe. You'll make good use for it when you finally get that macro lens :)
Feb 24 2006 22:37 GMT Haw59 PRO
I sold watches for 250 years and I remember each one of these. I also replaced batteries in watches and it seems that one on the left needs a battery. Cool idea.
Feb 24 2006 22:44 GMT PhotoPro PRO
That's why I bought the 2 on the right - both kinectic - batteries not needed!
Feb 24 2006 22:55 GMT DGM
Time is golden!! :)))
Feb 25 2006 01:44 GMT junne PRO
"dem glücklichen schlägt keine stunde"

for the happy time doesn't toll
Feb 25 2006 01:50 GMT Prikthai
Different time. So you never come to late. :-)
Feb 25 2006 02:52 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Amazing story! I never wear a watch and am always on time. I seem to have a keen sense of what time it is by the clock in my mind...
Great scan! It's fun to see what people are scanning...
Feb 25 2006 06:11 GMT cecilterwiliger
I think when you are born in relation to your due date does have something to do with timing. My son was 10 weeks early. My saying about him is that he is the perfect child as long as he gets everything yesterday. Wonderful kid, just impatient.
Feb 25 2006 11:56 GMT Poulet PRO
GREAT work!!!!!!
Feb 25 2006 16:19 GMT PennyLane PRO
good one, bill! i guess you don't have to worry about losing a watch - you have so many of them to choose from :-)
Feb 25 2006 23:01 GMT ashdad PRO
Excellent composition!
Feb 28 2006 19:45 GMT korni
wow! Great scan!!!