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Forbidden Gardens, in Katy, Texas, is a fascinating outdoor museum replicating some of China's major historic scenes. Guided tours take you back to the third century BC to view the first Emperor's amazing 8,000 piece terra-cotta army replicated in 1/3 scale. The tour continues to the intricately detailed miniatures of the famous Forbidden City in Beijing which served as palaces for nearly 500 years of Imperial rule in 1/20 scale.

These life sized terra cotta figures and are all different in some way(all 8000!). They were designed after his own personal guards. The figures are hollow and were setup where he was to be buried so that when the warriors died their spirits would inhabit the figures to protect the emperor in his afterlife.

This project was funded by a Hong Kong business man for $40mm with a 20 year plan(this is year 10). His kids were going to school in the US and he felt they were loosing touch with their heritage.

(constructive critique is welcome)
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 17 2007 01:19 GMT mickmusser
Great detail. Do you plan to document that each is unique? What an interesting story as to how this came to be.
Jan 17 2007 01:37 GMT ashdad PRO
These are really impressive!
Jan 17 2007 02:21 GMT PhotoPro PRO
mick I updated the caption info
Jan 17 2007 03:08 GMT Prikthai
Wunderful area and pics.
Jan 17 2007 03:09 GMT ArtyTonz
Great stuff, this was one place in China that my wife and I really wanted to go and see, but our schedule didn't allow this.

Am impressed by the whole thing (scale of the project), but I really do hope that it doesn't detract from the original site in China. A bit like people going to Las Vegas and seeing The Venetian Hotel and the Grand Canal, and thinking that they've been to Venise.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to criticise the project etc, but it is a shame to have duplicates of culturally important places.
Jan 17 2007 03:10 GMT ArtyTonz
Err Venice even :P
Jan 17 2007 04:27 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
I can't imagine trying to replicate this army of figures - even if they are only 1/3 of the original size! Wonderful picture of this group :)
Jan 17 2007 04:28 GMT junne PRO
wouldn't it be cheaper for the man to send his kids to china instead?
Jan 17 2007 05:23 GMT DGM
You dont have to go to China to see it!!
Jan 17 2007 06:42 GMT Rissan
A replica tera cotta army. Well you have to do something with your money.
Jan 17 2007 07:28 GMT sallypuppy PRO
I have been to Houston many times and I did not know that this place was there. Very interesting and great pictures.
Jan 17 2007 08:08 GMT marijke06
forbidden gardens.....and you have been there bill?...:)))))
nice shot!
Jan 17 2007 10:27 GMT Minz PRO
It is an amazing heritage - Wonderful photo !
Jan 17 2007 12:00 GMT Maurabia
i love them
Jan 17 2007 12:40 GMT PaP67
an interresting report same if it's in an outdoor relicating musée
thanks for explanations !
Jan 17 2007 12:59 GMT jceca PRO
never heard there is a replica in america !!!!
i know about all those stuffs in las vegas, but not about this ...

wonderful series, bill !!!!!!!

btw, good question junne !!!!!!!! :-)
Jan 17 2007 16:54 GMT Minz PRO
Excellent shot!
Wonderful workmanship with the warriors.
Jan 17 2007 17:44 GMT Elly
Very nice shot. the man in he front is looking at you.
Jan 18 2007 03:37 GMT jomoud PRO
Jan 18 2007 14:44 GMT Poulet PRO
Great details Bill !! Beautiful shot !