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One of my very first picts -
The Union Pacific "Big Boy" one of 25 built in 1941 at a cost of $250,000. This was the largest successful steam engine ever built! At a total weight of over 600 tons and a length of 132' it carried 25,000 gallons of water in it's tender.

Transport Friday

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Comments on this photo:

Dec 01 2006 06:15 GMT nzshutter PRO
This is a really awesome looking beast!! Excellent transport entry. It says in the caption that it is a steam engine. This loco looks like a diesel. A minor mistake I feel. Nothing to worry about though. :)
Dec 01 2006 06:47 GMT PhotoPro PRO
it does look diesel but was one of the great "new design" steam engines of WWII
Dec 01 2006 07:03 GMT marijke06
great entry, cool train!
Dec 01 2006 07:03 GMT hans55 PRO
this is a steam engine ?? ... wow !! ...good one !!
Dec 01 2006 07:11 GMT handan
old nice bullet
Dec 01 2006 07:37 GMT LizSA
Good entry.....I thought it was a diesel.....but it is still a great entry...!@
Dec 01 2006 07:59 GMT Squirrel PRO
Great photo.....great entry
Dec 01 2006 08:07 GMT Y5
i'm drewling, a Yellow train? nice entry! ;)
Dec 01 2006 08:12 GMT lupion
que precioso tren!!!!!!!!!
Dec 01 2006 08:13 GMT gmastro
very good entry and I like the colours and sharpness of the pic!
Dec 01 2006 08:39 GMT Bali
Great entry!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 01 2006 08:45 GMT genese
fab entry!!
Dec 01 2006 08:50 GMT iyerhari
Wow! it's a great entry, we all can join...))
Dec 01 2006 09:01 GMT AlisonBC
lol it's so big you need a full set of steps to get up there! Wonderful!
Dec 01 2006 09:06 GMT Satto
GREAT entry....big and powerful....:-)
Dec 01 2006 09:38 GMT charlotte
Dec 01 2006 10:42 GMT hamrahi
GREAt entry.........................
Dec 01 2006 11:30 GMT Poulet PRO
Great shot of a great old train !
Great entry, Bill !! :))
Dec 01 2006 11:43 GMT JJAP
It remains me one of the toy trains I had when I was a kid. It was a Union Pacific with a yellow locomotive very much like this one. Got shot!!!
Dec 01 2006 12:24 GMT crucyphot
Impressive engine for a great entry !
Well capted.
Dec 01 2006 12:27 GMT PhotoPro PRO
no problem Carlos - I think that's what I said..... I just typed what the sign said at the museum. :))
Dec 01 2006 12:31 GMT junne PRO
yeah, some people forget to read your own caption, they do that to me too. :-)
Dec 01 2006 12:36 GMT jomoud PRO
I looooooooooooove trains
wonderful photo and great entry
Dec 01 2006 12:38 GMT SunnyRea
Great foto and entry
Dec 01 2006 13:10 GMT jceca PRO
well... this is really a biggggg boy !!!!! :-)
great entry !!!!!!
Dec 01 2006 13:13 GMT sini
great shot and entry!
Dec 01 2006 13:43 GMT Railtrekker
This is Diesel Locomotive. UP classified this as a DD40X it has 2 diesel prime movers to generate electric current for the 8 traction motors (one per axle)
Very nice picture. My guess would be that the museum had moved some equipment around and hadn't moved the signs yet.
Thanks for sharing
Dec 01 2006 14:52 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Gorgeous, however I agree with railtekker it is a diesel. Not and old black beauty steamer.
Dec 01 2006 15:17 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thanks for the info Railtrekker! Your guess sounds about right - it's a huge museum and they are constantly moving things around.
Dec 01 2006 15:19 GMT PhotoPro PRO
If I had looked at my own picture I would have seen that the number on the train didn't match the number on the sign. I knew something wasn't right about this one! :))
Dec 01 2006 16:02 GMT LittleDaisy
Wow!!! That's awesome powerful photo!!! Great entry!!!
Dec 01 2006 16:05 GMT elbeaver
Woah, this is one of your best shots imo! My dad was train engineer.

I love the sharpness, color, compo everything! A+ my fav.
Dec 01 2006 16:55 GMT backstreets PRO
Impressive photo !!
Dec 01 2006 17:10 GMT Lensvision
Very impressive engine.
Dec 01 2006 17:14 GMT jamby PRO
indeed...totally agree with BS...i love the deep blue sky!!!
Dec 01 2006 17:34 GMT Dolcevita
Wow - great picture Bill, a seriously macho locomotive!! lol
Dec 01 2006 17:46 GMT JaredSheppard
Wow, big trian!
Well PP, winter is finally here!
Dec 01 2006 17:54 GMT csabi
great pic,great entry !
Dec 01 2006 17:54 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
It is a grand Locomotive even tho it isn't a steamer!
Dec 01 2006 19:06 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Impressive power in this picture!
Dec 01 2006 20:48 GMT ander
Big transport device ---
There has only been one of those here in Iceland --- and that was about 90 years ago.
Not used very long.
Dec 01 2006 22:50 GMT Archer
Wow...I love this photo! Fantastic entry Bill! Big Fave!
Dec 02 2006 00:56 GMT PennyLane PRO
great shot!! i'll bet the sky didn't look like that in st. louis today :-(
Dec 02 2006 11:43 GMT ranita
Great shot!
Dec 02 2006 17:46 GMT xevirbs
Powerful shot!!
Dec 02 2006 22:05 GMT Elise
cool entry....great catch :))
Dec 03 2006 00:59 GMT mickmusser
Great transport entry. Brilliant yellow against that blue sky.
Steam/Deisel A train is a train is a train............
toot toot.
Dec 04 2006 06:51 GMT litz
Sharp capture of the Big Boy!!!!
thanks to the added description... GREAT!!!!
Dec 04 2006 08:19 GMT korni
GREAT ENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 05 2006 03:27 GMT wifey
A fine tribute to an incredible machine!
Jan 17 2007 12:58 GMT PaP67
thanks for sharing steam engine unbelievable !
Feb 24 2008 04:07 GMT henrybohawk
awesome---great quality !!!
Dec 18 2008 20:36 GMT markkirby
great capture!!!!
Feb 27 2009 21:38 GMT deafcon1
A Centennial,the most brutal diesel ever!
Jan 23 2011 12:48 GMT David244
Wonderful image looks huge ! Love the colours
wow wow wow wow
Jun 28 2013 21:06 GMT twsottawan PRO
Big Loco. This was a well engineered pressure vessel back 70 years ago. Water Jacket and Rad cooling, amazing. Engines have so far in a half century. Keep on steaming.
Aug 09 2015 13:15 GMT Sunny70Blairgowrie
What a massive engine that is - simply superb - you almost feel its power !
Sep 11 2015 20:48 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Thank you for stopping by. I agree - it is a really impressive machine.