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March 1, 2006
Well, the age in my profile is finally correct - that's right today I turn 1/2 a century(50 sounds so much better).

Look at the very special mailing I got! It is from: Sheila http://www.fotothing.com/Sheila/
and Steve http://www.fotothing.com/Steve/

Look, it's a cd with performances from the multi-talented Sheila. Performances include; violin, cello, piano, organ, flute and last but not least - the voice of an angel singing!

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Comments on this photo:

Mar 01 2006 14:53 GMT StavrosMoforis
Lucky, you, Bill!!!
Happy B-Day, again!
Mar 01 2006 14:53 GMT curves PRO
Hehheheh......Your still a kid......

You lucky guy you...........Her voice was a surprise to me too
Mar 01 2006 14:56 GMT marijke06
that's the small parcel.....and now the great!:))
nice present!
Mar 01 2006 15:04 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Thank you Stavros!
Mar 01 2006 15:04 GMT frommelxp
Hi, I see it's your birthday ! Congratulations !, I've made you a little something to, you can find it at :
Mar 01 2006 15:17 GMT Poulet PRO
Very nice gift! :))
Mar 01 2006 15:28 GMT marijke06
that is great frommelxp!!! I was waiting for him to start talking too...:))
Mar 01 2006 15:30 GMT jeck
Happy Birthday!!!
Mar 01 2006 15:39 GMT Steve PRO
That's really good frommelxp!
Mar 01 2006 15:50 GMT Riet
Wonderful gift!
Mar 01 2006 16:50 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Mari if you have Skype, we can talk anytime!
Mar 01 2006 17:05 GMT jomoud PRO
you are a lucky fellow Bill!!!!!!
sounds like a wonderful present
Mar 01 2006 20:58 GMT sallypuppy PRO
Very nice gift. I have hear her and she is wonderful.
Mar 01 2006 21:24 GMT marijke06
Bill, yes I know....i had it once, but since I have no longer a soundcard in my computer....I cannot use it anymore...:(
Mar 01 2006 21:46 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Oh no! We must do something about that!
Mar 02 2006 00:40 GMT ashdad PRO
That is a great cd. And I must add to curves' and photopros praise of Sheila's voice. Angelic describes it very well.
Mar 02 2006 02:24 GMT onichek
Lovely gifts! Enjoy them all!