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after becoming bleary eyed trying to set the right contrast and lighting (and wishing I had shot this as a jpg instead of RAW) - this was the result...

(constructive critique is welcome)
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Comments on this photo:

May 21 2007 06:20 GMT hallo
Excellent capture the only words I can say!
May 21 2007 06:24 GMT LisaSam67
OH YOU!!!! I tried last night and ugh lol - now I had mine set to jpeg basic and raw.... wondering why you'd want jpeg instead of raw? I'm such a newbie with that sorta stuff
May 21 2007 06:34 GMT Prikthai
Nice to see the same moon like me!
May 21 2007 07:07 GMT LisaSam67
great website Bill!!!!!!! LOVE IT!
May 21 2007 07:26 GMT hamrahi
Excellent capture.............................
May 21 2007 08:37 GMT Pasifae
Wonderful shot!! :)
May 21 2007 09:09 GMT irashid
Excellent shot...........................
May 21 2007 09:48 GMT rohtas
what a 3-d moon!
May 21 2007 10:25 GMT imrannafeel
excellent caption...wonderfull.
May 21 2007 12:38 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Lisa - shooting in jpg the camera makes exposure adjustments and does some of the post processing..... in raw mode what the camera sees is exactly what you get to work with.
I shot in shutter priority mode and used speeds faster and slower than this one, but this had the best result.
May 21 2007 12:39 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Lisa - thank you, I really enjoy the flexibilty I have on this newer website - the host has it setup for photographers!
May 21 2007 13:48 GMT Bali
Enviable work!!!!!!!!!Fantastic!!!!!!
May 21 2007 13:55 GMT bennystr
Excellent shot Bill!
May 21 2007 14:05 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Very, very nice! At least you could see the moon!

What lens did you use?
May 21 2007 14:18 GMT LisaSam67
it's just wonderful!!!! I'm thinking that's one i should look into... who's the host of that one
May 21 2007 14:20 GMT LisaSam67
ok cool! I'll have to try that then.... cloudy last night so hopefully tonight will be better :-)
May 21 2007 15:22 GMT Lalbabu
Extraordinary shot,I can even the blackside of the moon.
May 21 2007 17:33 GMT palakol
An A-One Photo.. Great Shot.. c",)
May 21 2007 17:35 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Lisa - the site is http://www.ifp3.com
May 21 2007 19:11 GMT gtc126
Fantastic Shot!!!!!!! Well Done Bill!!!
May 22 2007 00:34 GMT megmet PRO
You did an excellent job with this one, better than anything I've managed with the same sort of shot!
May 22 2007 00:37 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you meg!
May 22 2007 15:19 GMT SunnyRea
Wow wish my camera could do that!
May 23 2007 02:37 GMT junne PRO
wow, very well done!!!!
May 23 2007 11:59 GMT Poulet PRO
Wonderful shot, Bill!
May 24 2007 13:23 GMT mavik
Wonderful shot!!!
May 25 2007 01:24 GMT DGM
I wanted to try my 200mm on the moon Do you think its powerful enough?
May 25 2007 01:26 GMT nicoalfredo
GREAT SHOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 25 2007 15:53 GMT PhotoPro PRO
DGM - this is at 300mm.... your 200mm would be 1/3 smaller