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2006 St Louis Airshow (http://www.stlcofair.org/)

I started this series with the most dramatic shot of the show. Now we are getting into the "core" of the show - the planes and jets... and of course the dramatic smoke.

I have a medical condition that causes hand tremors(shaking). I always have to make special compensations when I shoot for this. Focusing is almost always a nightmare - so you can imagine how difficult these action shots are for me. I am just pleased that they came out at all. One compensation I make is to take MANY photos of the same thing - then choose the best ones. So for this 3 hour show I shot +/- 800 shots! Unfortunately all the image stabilization I have tried doesn't help much. ;(

I hope you enjoy the show as much as Christopher and I did.

Best experienced at original size! This is the famous A-10 Thunderbolt!

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Comments on this photo:

Sep 14 2006 02:37 GMT hans55 PRO
a tankbuster !!! ... great shot !!
Sep 14 2006 02:51 GMT Laurie
An excellent photo!!
Sep 14 2006 02:59 GMT ashdad PRO
Great shot! Like you were right next to it.
Sep 14 2006 03:18 GMT 6734r
super set of air images.
Sep 14 2006 06:37 GMT Scarlett PRO
Excellent catch for this incredible aircraft! ;)
Sep 14 2006 12:15 GMT Dolcevita
One aircraft you certainly wouldn't want to make angry!!! Great capture PhotoPro!!
Sep 14 2006 20:11 GMT Babybop
Sep 14 2006 20:53 GMT deanbed
I remember these from the gulf war!
Sep 14 2006 21:05 GMT Wildspirit PRO
We were fishing (going upriver) in my bassboat in Georgia when two of these came over us from behind, at low level!! Scared the living ... out of us. They disappeared behind an island, and only one appeared out the other side. By the time our minds said, "Where's the other one?" it was right on us! Practicing wargames!! Great photo here, Bill!
Sep 14 2006 21:19 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Jim the maneuverability of these is stunning, and the low speed capabilities are nothing short of amazing.
Sep 14 2006 23:10 GMT helton
IMPRESSIVE THIS ONE BILL !!!!!!!!!!........
......here in brasil we have also airplane industry...but..not like this one......FANTASTIC CAPTURE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.............
Sep 15 2006 00:13 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you helton!
Sep 17 2006 03:23 GMT SunnyRea
wow thats the big one with the teeth, Nice shot!
Aug 19 2007 15:57 GMT BobdeGroot
Great shot of this jet. The A10
Aug 19 2007 16:25 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you BobdeGroot!!!
The A 10 was a fantastic jet - so versatile.... and it's a great show plane!!