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****************************Fotothing Wedding!!! *****************************

Today, Saturday, June 7th, 2008 at 2:17 p.m. CST
2 Fotothing members tied the wedding knot
and the photos will be continually posted on Fotothing
visit the bride and groom and give them best wishes:
http://www.fotothing.com/virginiabrill and

Mrs James Anthony Ward

this is where the magic happened:

OK - stop calling my cell phone and messaging me - here's a real photo - you'll have to wait 9-10 hours for the next ones to start - it's 02:18 a.m. here, I've been up since 07:00 a.m. - shot a wedding, drove up and down hills and around winding curves for 2.5 hours - to quote Madeline Kahn in:
"Blazing Saddles" --- "I'm soooo tired!"
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 08 2008 07:53 GMT grimp PRO
Wow, what a beautiful bride!
Jun 08 2008 08:09 GMT soldier
Congratulations for here and for the photographer!
Jun 08 2008 08:33 GMT Squirrel PRO
Beautiful bride portrait !
Jun 08 2008 08:43 GMT bennystr
Congratulations Bill, it's a beautiful start!
And even bigger congratulations to the happy couple, love and happiness & the rest will follow on it's own!
Jun 08 2008 10:00 GMT hans55 PRO
a lovely bride !!!!!! :-))
Jun 08 2008 10:03 GMT eleni78 PRO
this is a lovely portrait, i like the angle!
Jun 08 2008 10:06 GMT Kaska
wonderful portrait Bill!
Virginia looks gorgeous!
Jun 08 2008 10:26 GMT fourdeadpresidents
She is soo beautiful Bill!!!

Thank you soo much for taking our fotos!!!

It means so much to have you here and finally meet a person from FT under these circumstances. You are welcome back here anytime. Next time we will have time to take you around the area to show you the good stuff for shots.

Don't you love these BLUE roads of Missouri...
Jun 08 2008 10:45 GMT virginiabrill
Wow! That's really me? For real??

Dang you are awesome with a camera, Bill!

Thank you so much for doing what you did. It means the world to me and Jamie. Like Jamie said, all of you are welcome back ANY time!

I hope you had a good time here in our humble little town, and I also hope you are enjoying Branson!
Jun 08 2008 11:42 GMT megmet PRO
A lovely bride and a super photo Bill. I'm so looking forward to seeing the rest, I just know they will be wonderful.
Jun 08 2008 12:20 GMT LisaSam67
Hehehehehehe. Love you Bill!!!!

5am I wake up... Turn on the phone... Turn on FT

Now I'm hiding in the bathroom with the phone and now I'm crying.

texting with V

What a sight I must be hehehe

Breath takingly beautiful bride!!!!!

You did good Bill. Thank you!
Jun 08 2008 12:50 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Jun 08 2008 13:31 GMT Riet
Simply gorgeous! Bride AND photo!
Jun 08 2008 13:40 GMT Studio88
Beautiful Bride - Congratulations To The FT Couple ;-))
Jun 08 2008 13:58 GMT otilia
Jun 08 2008 14:53 GMT damansara71
Soft light on the face , boom light effect on the forehead, excellent background plus lovely composition ...........makes this a great photo!!!!!!!!
Jun 08 2008 14:55 GMT jomoud PRO
Bill, this a a wonderful and very beautiful photo of the bride.
Both Joyce and I are gushing over it, and I know Lisa is crying:)
A stunning photo of a gorgeous bride!!!
Jun 08 2008 14:55 GMT granitbiscut
WOW she was a beauitful bride.
Jun 08 2008 15:00 GMT jceca PRO
congratulations to both and all the best in the future !!!!

just wonderful photo, bill !!!
Jun 08 2008 15:16 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Bill, wonderful shot of the beautiful bride! Looking forward the the rest of the shots.
Jun 08 2008 15:31 GMT martini957
lovely shot
Jun 08 2008 15:58 GMT dougrun PRO
Bill, now I know for sure why you are called "photopro". Excellent bride portrait! I eagerly await further installments.
Jun 08 2008 16:01 GMT marijke06
Jun 08 2008 18:29 GMT aquiles PRO
Jun 09 2008 00:13 GMT Babybop
Jun 10 2008 17:54 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
Very Beautiful
Jun 10 2008 20:39 GMT roncarlin PRO
Great wedding series. Like the humor also Bill (view all photos of Wedding series)
ron c
Jun 11 2008 03:35 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Great angle, Bill!
Jun 11 2008 15:32 GMT suzannesmash
Such a beautiful picture Bill, you did a wonderful job for and to them..
i am sure its memory for life for all of you.

Jun 11 2008 16:44 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you very much Suz!

I am proud of how I did (still have to tell the little perfectionist that sits on my shoulder that.:-)) and how happy they were.

It was really great because I met all of their families also!!
Jun 13 2008 18:29 GMT Seraphael PRO
Great series Bill !!
You did a fabulous job !!