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For some reason I have no problem posing other people but it feels sooooooo unnatural to do myself.

MenFriday - FunFriday theme this week - http://www.fotothing.com/FunFriday

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uploaded at full size for the masochists out there
(constructive critique is welcome)
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 30 2007 00:38 GMT iyerhari

Good entry:)
Mar 30 2007 00:39 GMT steptoe
well pro if it is any consolation i am the same and i dont pose other people very well ethier lol
Mar 30 2007 00:42 GMT jceca PRO
i know what are you talking bout ... i posing JUST to myself, all the time ... :-)
anyhow, it is a good entry !!!!
and i like it even more, becuse it's outdoor ....
Mar 30 2007 00:47 GMT Poulet PRO
Yes ! Gentleman and a great friend !!!
heheheeee....I never pose other people well and I really feel sooooo uncomfortable !! I just love to be behind my cam for always ! ;))

Original and cool entry, Bill !
Have a beautiful weekend. :))
Mar 30 2007 01:03 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you Poulet!
Mar 30 2007 01:04 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you Joe!
Mar 30 2007 01:31 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Very nice, but you do look a little uncomfortable!
Mar 30 2007 01:37 GMT abojovna PRO
Hello! Soooo sympatical! Nice entry!
Mar 30 2007 01:43 GMT DGM
Hahaha. Manly photo!!!
Mar 30 2007 01:49 GMT ashdad PRO
Great self-portrait!
Mar 30 2007 02:27 GMT jomoud PRO
A terrific photo of a great FT friend!!!
Thabnk you Bill
Of course it will join the other in my favourites
Mar 30 2007 03:01 GMT Joy34 PRO
Very nice portrait. Who took the photo? And, don't tell me you trained a squirrel. :-))
Mar 30 2007 03:38 GMT junne PRO
same here!
Mar 30 2007 04:37 GMT gtc126
Great self portrait....Bill!!!!!
Mar 30 2007 05:14 GMT Pushp
So Great to see yuo

Great to see you

Mar 30 2007 05:37 GMT nicoalfredo
HI THERE !!!!!!
NICE MEETING YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 30 2007 06:12 GMT sini
Nice portrait and entry!:)
Mar 30 2007 06:19 GMT Sheila PRO
You need a smile!
Mar 30 2007 06:38 GMT senna3
Very good portrait, excellent entry!
Mar 30 2007 07:04 GMT hallo
Well posed for the entry :)
Mar 30 2007 07:09 GMT Adamus
Very beautiful entry.
Mar 30 2007 07:57 GMT kreiner
Well done, the next shot will be easier..or so I am told. A very natural "this is me" stance
Mar 30 2007 08:29 GMT irashid
You look PERFECT.....................Lovely Entry........................WELL DONE
Mar 30 2007 09:46 GMT voodoo23
salute... :))
nice pose !
Mar 30 2007 11:54 GMT LizSA
cooll entry...Bill.......and you were very brave ...not easy to put a photo of
oneself on.... this is a compliment one....
but I still like the one with Roxy on your lap more..:-))
Mar 30 2007 11:56 GMT Elise
I love this image very clear shot.....great entry:)
Mar 30 2007 13:17 GMT rohtas
Hello there.... nice to see you in a manly pose! -:)))
Mar 30 2007 13:39 GMT Pam
But it's a nice picture - just a bit serious ;o) Great to meet you!
Mar 30 2007 14:06 GMT Satto
Hi mr PP....nice to meet you...and yessss....its allways as you say..
I agree..*smile*
"I have no problem posing other people but it feels sooooooo unnatural to do myself."
Have a nice day:-)
Mar 30 2007 14:13 GMT junsjazz
hello granpa PP!
Mar 30 2007 14:59 GMT SIGMUND
Hi Bill, nice to meet you!!
have a nice week end!!!
Mar 30 2007 16:34 GMT jamby PRO
this looks tells me...can you do it in a hurry please...i can't hold this position any longer :-))) ....great one Bill!!! Thanks for posting this...i agree with LizSa...by posting this...deserves a compliment by itself!!
Mar 30 2007 17:34 GMT bennystr
Great choice and entry!
Mar 31 2007 02:31 GMT wifey
Showing some leg bill… you're not hitchhiking are you? :)
Mar 31 2007 06:13 GMT GeoffReeves
Hi Bill....trying the outdoor look I see.It works,great shot :-))
Mar 31 2007 08:10 GMT Midworlder PRO
Kia ora Bill
Mar 31 2007 09:15 GMT suzannesmash
HIIII there....Great shot and perfect entry too.

Have a wonderful weekend over there.
Mar 31 2007 13:14 GMT SunnyRea
LOL I feel the same too sometimes :)
Mar 31 2007 13:29 GMT mavik
Goes the same for me, too, PP! Great shot though.
Mar 31 2007 14:10 GMT Discovery
Think all photographers are better behind the camera...

Good and couraged entry !!
Mar 31 2007 16:44 GMT 1bebei
Our Superhero!
Mar 31 2007 21:22 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Bill, that's a great shot of you! I think Discovery said it best...heh heh.
Apr 01 2007 01:13 GMT hotrodharleys
Nice entry...great self portrait
Apr 01 2007 19:57 GMT puppra
Wide awake eyes... A vivid portrait!
Apr 02 2007 21:00 GMT grimp PRO
Got th esame problem. I don't like to pose either!
Apr 07 2007 08:15 GMT korni
great self portrait!
Sep 21 2007 04:39 GMT wolf2728
i know it does feel weird to pose yourself! great portrait
Sep 21 2007 06:08 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you wolf!