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834 views 3 people's favourite photo

This has been the week from h*ll, but I did manage to come up with some original thought! Everybody have a great weekend.

Yin and Yang
The concepts of yin and yang originate in ancient Chinese philosophy and metaphysics, which describe two primal opposing but complementary principles said to be found in all objects and processes in the universe.

Contrast Friday http://www.fotothing.com/FunFriday/

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Comments on this photo:

Mar 16 2007 01:31 GMT jceca PRO
yeah .. it HAS BEEN the week from hell for you, but it is not anymore, obviously ... that's a great contrast too !!!!!!!!! :-)))

indeed an original entry, bill ... not just yin - yang sign ... even the colors ...

i hope you'll have a great weekend and MUCH BETTER week than this one ... :-)
Mar 16 2007 01:44 GMT Poulet PRO
Great contrast of both colours and meaning !!
Great entry !

Have a beautiful weeknd, dear Bill. :))
Mar 16 2007 01:58 GMT ashdad PRO
Excellent entry!
Mar 16 2007 02:00 GMT abojovna PRO
Great work! Nice entry! Thank you!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Mar 16 2007 02:09 GMT Milibuh
Great idea for this week !!!
Mar 16 2007 02:13 GMT megmet PRO
I've had the same kind of week as you Bill.....
I glad to see you came up with this splendid effort, I find it quite relaxing and would much rather look at this than the spreadsheets I've been looking at all week!
Nice work Bill, wonderful entry too!
Mar 16 2007 02:38 GMT wifey
This really brightens my week too added to my faves. THANK YOU!
Mar 16 2007 03:19 GMT aquiles PRO
Mar 16 2007 03:25 GMT jomoud PRO
Bill, the idea you finally came up with is fabulous.
Great study in contrasts and wonderful entry for this week's theme.
May the coming week be better for you.
Mar 16 2007 03:26 GMT junne PRO
better times ahaid!

Mar 16 2007 04:49 GMT mp0255
Mar 16 2007 05:36 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Gorgeous job Bill.................sorry about your week.
Mar 16 2007 05:49 GMT gr8ronkinroll PRO
Good job!
Very cool.
Mar 16 2007 06:02 GMT junsjazz
great concept, great work!
Mar 16 2007 06:23 GMT rainbow71
Great Idea, hope you have a better weekend
Mar 16 2007 07:00 GMT sini
Great idea and contrast entry!
Mar 16 2007 07:26 GMT LizSA
this is a result of a busy week.......then you let go of your stress..thinking of FT...... FT divert your thoughts into calming waters.....
and then you come up with a bright Idea like this......
and it will be one of my favourite contrastfriday entries... ...
Mar 16 2007 07:34 GMT hallo
Your entry can't be more explicit :)
thank's for the weekend wishes, have a good time too.
Mar 16 2007 07:48 GMT Elise
Nice work and great entry...Have a great weekend PP :)
Mar 16 2007 08:24 GMT Adamus
Beautiful entry.
Mar 16 2007 09:35 GMT LisaSam67
Beautiful Entry! Very strong and striking image!
Mar 16 2007 13:32 GMT Tavascarow
Excellent entry.
You have a great weekend.
Mar 16 2007 14:01 GMT Bali
Sorry Bill. Ive seen yours too late. Ive uploaded the same Idea befor I saw yours.
Mar 16 2007 14:03 GMT Riet
Gorgeous, Bill!
Mar 16 2007 14:16 GMT bennystr
Very original entry!
Mar 16 2007 16:12 GMT Mafernandes
very nice entry
Mar 16 2007 17:27 GMT karlbark
Nice contrastfriday entry :-)

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Mar 16 2007 18:15 GMT jamby PRO
i love the contrast in colors and i love the contrast in this concept....sooo well done Bill!!! i wanna take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful weekend and a Happy Saint Patrick's Day tomorrow!!!
Mar 16 2007 18:18 GMT GeoffReeves
Good one Bill !! striking colours and very relevent too...
Mar 16 2007 20:43 GMT klingklingeling
dont worry about this week :-) Its over today :-) Great Entry. :-)
Mar 17 2007 05:14 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you jamby - I hope you have a great weekend too!
Mar 19 2007 18:58 GMT Bowser
Awesome Ying and Yang, best I've seen.
Mar 19 2007 19:45 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you Bowser!
Mar 22 2007 17:01 GMT SunnyRea
Yin Yang love it :) hope this week is better for you. I have had a bad couple weeks too been sick :(
Mar 22 2007 17:05 GMT PhotoPro PRO
glad to hear you're doing better!
Mar 22 2007 17:23 GMT beus PRO
Great work!Beautiful!!!
Mar 22 2007 18:36 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you beus!