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After the bunny took off, the other balloons began to inflate They seemed to take off in some random order....

The Energizer Bunny is well on his way - the others will soon follow!!

Another - optical illusion, use of DOF - the blue balloon is nowhere near the size it appears to be next to the largest balloon in the world!!

The 37th annual Great Balloon Race (http://www.greatforestparkballoonrace.com ) is was held on Sat September 15, 2007. The balloons are all setup close together in a large field and then they started inflating slowly. The race is called a "tortoise and hare" race because a lead balloon takes off and lands at a distant area - the "tortoise". The other balloons take off one by one(the "hares") and find the lead balloon. Once they find the lead balloon they drop a sack of birdseed as close as possible to that balloon. The balloon that drops their sack of birdseed closest to the "tortoise" wins the race.

This event took place in Forest Park (http://stlouis.missouri.org/citygov/parks/forestpark ) which is in the center of St Louis and is 40% bigger than Central Park in New York City.

Have a great week!!!!

(constructive critique is welcome)

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 26 2007 17:40 GMT LisaSam67
hahaha no kidding! that balloon would be bigger than the people in the basket! tooooooo cool a shot Bill
Nov 26 2007 17:44 GMT YesHello
very very cool!!!
Nov 26 2007 17:55 GMT marijke06
ha....a great one!
Nov 26 2007 18:03 GMT Midworlder PRO
Very cool indeed
Nov 26 2007 18:29 GMT bennystr
Another great one!
Nov 26 2007 19:03 GMT Olympe1961
Ah ah ah !!! what a funny advertizing rabbit balloon !!!!!
Nov 26 2007 19:26 GMT Lensvision
It is such a funny balloon!
Nov 26 2007 20:04 GMT Tom33
clever balloon construction
Nov 26 2007 22:09 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful! I need ENERGIZER!
Nov 27 2007 00:52 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Balloon!!! Hey I need some AA Batteries, they can deliver AIR MAIL!!!!!!!!
Nov 28 2007 15:59 GMT 5712
Very nice!!!
Nov 28 2007 17:41 GMT TRICKS4U
"it keeps going, and going, and going"

Great series my friend!!!!
Dec 04 2007 13:02 GMT elbeaver