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... the rose series
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 09 2005 21:35 GMT curves PRO
I understand the reason for your name and copyright...have you thought of lowering the font or making it a little more transparent....Just a thought
Aug 09 2005 22:23 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Good point curves, I have been adjusting it down slowly.
Aug 10 2005 05:06 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
You are a master with the red, it is a color I have not mastered!
Yes, I agree make the copyright smaller, it is distracting from your beautiful work. also I would just use the icon
Aug 10 2005 20:10 GMT vanderzee
More often than not…
Words cannot describe

His huge copyright notice
Sitting off to the side…

His notice gets bigger,
With every beat of his heart…

He knew we were rose thieves,
Right from the start...

He watches the clock,
Right in front of his nose…

Wondering if curves,
Is gonna steal his red rose,

I show you my roses…
They’re here in plain sight…

And all I ask you guys to do,
Is honor my copyright,

And you ! pink pepper photo…
watching my roses everyday,

You better not steal my pictures…
Or dearly you will pay!

You must think that I’m a joke…
To laugh at me like that,

Well think again, look at my name,
Guess why they call me HAACK?

Copyright BIG Bill Haack 2005 ~ buy this rose now…

only $19.95 Click here >>>

And now, a word from Vanderzee…

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me… but I would make my copyright notice even BIGGER!
My whole purpose of the notice would be to discourage “horse thieves” from stealing my roses.

So I’m not going to make it easy for them unless of course, they’re gonna cut me in on a piece of the action.
Yes, it might be distracting, but that’s the general idea as far as Vanderzee is concerned.
But hey fellas…that’s just my 2 cents.

Photopro, you’re sitting on a million dollars son, this is what the big boys on madison Avenue sell all day long!
It’s called…STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY, and it’s a multi-million dollar industry used by the magazines, newspapers, advertising, backdrops for cosmetic products, and even greeting cards. So you can keep shrinking the logo, and let us rob you blind, LOL, or you can keep it right there and start cataloging what you have available for your future customers.
But you’re probably already filthy rich photopro…LOL! (you can buy me a brand new camera if you’re feeling generous)
Aug 11 2005 18:08 GMT lorri PRO
Your pages are smelling so sweetly today!!! :) :) :) Lovely, lovely roses!

I also agree with Vanderzee, sell your pics instead of having them be stolen. Go for it!
Aug 12 2005 09:19 GMT ramblipiee
They are all lovely.
Aug 16 2005 15:12 GMT Aurelie444