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stlouis missouri us usa SAFB airshow sports Thunderbirds F16 jet BH 092108 2008


THIS is precision flying!!
Yesterday we went to the airshow at Scott Air Force Base - overcast skies for most of the time - not a very good backdrop for white and silver jets.
The Thunderbirds / F-16 (http://thunderbirds.airforce.com/)
The U.S. Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron, the Thunderbirds, performs precision aerial maneuvers demonstrating the capabilities of Air Force high performance aircraft to people throughout the world. The squadron exhibits the professional qualities the Air Force develops in the people who fly, maintain and support these aircraft.

The squadron performs no more than 88 air demonstrations each year and has never canceled a demonstration due to maintenance difficulty. More than 280 million people in all 50 states and 57 foreign countries have seen the red, white and blue jets in more than 3,500 aerial demonstrations.

The Lockheed Martin (formerly General Dynamics) F-16 Fighting Falcon represents the full range of capabilities possessed by the Air Force's tactical fighters. This highly maneuverable multi-role fighter has proven to be one of the world's best precision tactical bombers and air-to-air combat aircraft. The only modifications needed to prepare the aircraft for its air demonstration role are installing a smoke-generating system in the space normally reserved for the 20mm cannon, and the painting of the aircraft in Thunderbird colors.

The Thunderbirds were officially activated June 1, 1953, as the 3600th Air Demonstration Team at Luke AFB, Ariz. Their first aircraft was the straight-winged F-84G Thunderjet, a combat fighter-bomber that had seen action in Korea. Early in 1955 the team transitioned to the swept-winged F-84F Thunderstreak.

In 1996, the team traveled again to Europe where crowds from former Warsaw Pact countries enjoyed the "Ambassadors in Blue." In July 1996, the team participated in opening ceremonies of the Centennial Olympics held in Atlanta which were viewed by an estimated 3.5 billion people around the world.
Have a great week!!!!
(constructive critique is welcome)
coming soon - .
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Great Forest Park Balloon Glow
Balloon Race - no blue skies.;-(
Airshow - almost no blue skies ;-(
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 22 2008 17:05 GMT hans55 PRO
more wooooooowww !! :-))
Sep 22 2008 17:10 GMT kamilla
wonderful capture!
Sep 22 2008 17:49 GMT Lalbabu
In thumbs it shows four geese are flying.
Sep 22 2008 21:19 GMT fourdeadpresidents
the nation's best pilots... Just for you...
Sep 23 2008 01:09 GMT ManiacMom PRO
You are the king of air show photo's! Great shots!
Sep 23 2008 03:14 GMT Squirrel PRO
Beautiful symmetry and shot >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Sep 23 2008 14:52 GMT Poulet PRO
Wonderful capture, Bill!!!
Sep 23 2008 18:13 GMT Cooler PRO
Fantastic capture my friend ;-)))