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"help - I cannot hold it back much longer!!"

as they continued testing their readiness for flight - the crews were obviously in different stages of completion at any point in time.

The 37th annual Great Balloon Race (http://www.greatforestparkballoonrace.com ) is was held on Sat September 15, 2007. The balloons are all setup close together in a large field and then they started inflating slowly. The race is called a "tortoise and hare" race because a lead balloon takes off and lands at a distant area - the "tortoise". The other balloons take off one by one(the "hares") and find the lead balloon. Once they find the lead balloon they drop a sack of birdseed as close as possible to that balloon. The balloon that drops their sack of birdseed closest to the "tortoise" wins the race.

We started out with the photographers being allowed on the launching field as the pilot and crew prepared the balloons for flight. It was great fun!!

This event took place in Forest Park (http://stlouis.missouri.org/citygov/parks/forestpark ) which is in the center of St Louis and is 40% bigger than Central Park in New York City.

Have a great week!!!!

(constructive critique is welcome)

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 18 2007 23:23 GMT bennystr
Nov 18 2007 23:26 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Nov 19 2007 00:43 GMT curves PRO
If I squint my eyes enough it looks sorta Erotic
Nov 19 2007 00:48 GMT Midworlder PRO
Fotothing Orange ;-))
Nov 19 2007 01:16 GMT ashdad PRO
Nov 19 2007 01:48 GMT jceca PRO
i'm not sure would i be so great help, but ok ... will try it ... :-))
Nov 19 2007 02:26 GMT Haw59 PRO
One man job. Yah, right.
Nov 19 2007 04:10 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I don't even have to squint my eyes...... :-))
Nov 19 2007 06:40 GMT sini
Like a big pumpkin! Great shot!:)
Nov 19 2007 15:34 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Wonderful shot here:-))
Nov 19 2007 17:10 GMT Poulet PRO
Great contrast!!
Nov 20 2007 00:16 GMT mavik
Beautiful color!
Dec 01 2007 21:19 GMT Yermanie
Great picture.
Dec 01 2007 22:26 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you Yermanie - it's one of my very favs!!