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Out of all the posts from 2006 it was really tough to choose just one. But I finally decided to pick the that meant the most to me. Even more than my son Mark getting married this one really gets to me.
This is my youngest niece. I had never met her until this night. Both of my nieces mean the world to me but this photo just turned out exactly as I saw it in my mind.

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 05 2007 06:57 GMT nzshutter PRO
Lovely little model!! A great portrait. I can see how it is special to you. Lovely blue eyes.
Jan 05 2007 07:33 GMT sini
Lovey portrait and great entry!!
Jan 05 2007 07:43 GMT Kire403
at least you have a photo of her... nice entry Bill... and thanks for your comment of mine....
Jan 05 2007 08:54 GMT DaK
Nice portrait!!!!
Jan 05 2007 09:25 GMT Pasifae
Lovely portrait and great entry!!! :)
Jan 05 2007 10:15 GMT Qualquer
such a pretty little face...great entry
Jan 05 2007 10:16 GMT Qualquer
wonderful portrait
Jan 05 2007 10:30 GMT Prikthai
great portrait indeed.
Jan 05 2007 10:34 GMT Satto
Nice entry...pretty and soo sweet little "lady"..:-)
Very good poirtrait:-)
Jan 05 2007 10:44 GMT fredaH
awww...my cutie..
she is really beautiful and sweet.
the eyes..mmmm sooo lovely.
Jan 05 2007 10:59 GMT AlisonBC
Wonderful shot, congratulations on meeting your neice, it is never too late!
Jan 05 2007 11:38 GMT Elise
Beautiful kid....great shot and entry!!
Jan 05 2007 11:40 GMT junsjazz
uncle PP never tires of his angel!
Jan 05 2007 11:51 GMT SIGMUND
Lovely portrait!!!
Jan 05 2007 12:28 GMT shalinipatel
Beautiful entry, she has the most stunning blue eyes I have ever seen. :) x
Jan 05 2007 13:44 GMT Scarlett PRO
Lovely and really cute portrait ! Your niece is a really beautiful litlle girl with gorgeous blue eyes !!
Beautiful entry Bill ! ;))
Jan 05 2007 15:46 GMT camperandrea
What a sweetheart!
Jan 05 2007 16:07 GMT Dorado
Nice photo!
Jan 05 2007 17:24 GMT jomoud PRO
Bill, I so understand your choice.
It made my eyes moist:):)
I can feel your emotions!
Jan 05 2007 17:35 GMT Lensvision
A very sweet picture.
Jan 05 2007 17:57 GMT LisaSam67
this shot is lovely - the colour of her eyes is incredible and the depth of thought captured nicely.
Jan 05 2007 19:25 GMT backstreets PRO
It has to be the most beautiful of all entries !!!
Jan 05 2007 20:35 GMT jceca PRO
very precious photo .... great choice !!! :)
Jan 05 2007 20:36 GMT bennystr
So beautiful, GREAT choice!
Jan 05 2007 20:37 GMT helton
..BILL..what a dificult task..must be ..to choose your predilect picture....uuufff..WITH SO MANY BEAYTIFUL CAPTURES YOU HAVE..
...but..this lovely face of the girl...tell me a lot..of such amazing feelings you
have in your heart...!!!!!!!......FANTASTIC SHOT !!!!!!!!..
Jan 05 2007 21:04 GMT LizSA
Well done wonderful choice....yes...it is very difficult....(wedding Photo's)
but I like this one very much...the colour and the expression all is just
Jan 05 2007 21:24 GMT soldier
She is LOVELY... amazing eyes... excelent portret!
Jan 05 2007 21:55 GMT Mafernandes
so sweet
Jan 05 2007 22:13 GMT Seamus
Wonderful choice PhotoPro. I am not surprised this is the one you picked.
Jan 05 2007 22:27 GMT annaschnitfink
Beautiful and very natural portrait PhotoPro!
Jan 05 2007 23:44 GMT Roadiepig PRO
Those eyes! She will be a charmer (and her dad will have to chase the boys away with a stick) down the road ;)

What a great close-up, Bill!
Jan 06 2007 02:10 GMT ashdad PRO
Beautiful portrait! Sweet girl.
Jan 06 2007 05:28 GMT Fialka
Very beautiful picture!
Jan 06 2007 10:43 GMT korni
Jan 06 2007 22:41 GMT Adamus
Beautiful portrait.
Jan 06 2007 23:43 GMT Archer
This was one of my favourite portrait works in 2006! Your niece is such a cutie!
Jan 06 2007 23:44 GMT AndersUllberg
Very cute! And a great portrait! Perfect light and everything!
Jan 07 2007 04:17 GMT nanstrom
Beautiful portrait...beautiful young lady.
Jan 07 2007 10:21 GMT gmastro
so cute kid and wonderful portrait! looks so happy!
Jan 07 2007 10:23 GMT botticcelli
sweet entry...very lovely face...congrats photopro!
Jan 07 2007 14:39 GMT SunnyRea
awww very sweet entry
Jan 07 2007 19:24 GMT Vovey
so sweet))
Jan 08 2007 11:13 GMT Afrogie
Lovely portrait!
Jan 08 2007 16:35 GMT aquiles PRO
BELLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 08 2007 20:43 GMT jamby PRO
a face of an angel.....she is sooo sweet good-looking darling!!
Jan 10 2007 08:12 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Beautiful child, Bill! I know that your visit was a happy one!