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so many photos to choose from, I had trouble deciding.... so swamped for time:
a polar bear in a snow storm

Have a great week!!!

(constructive critique is welcome)

coming soon -
photos from the air show:
and from the St Louis Zoo
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 28 2007 17:38 GMT mariazinha32
LOL........guess we had the same idea LOL...only im looking for the switch LOl...by the way....your bear is feeling cold....hes asking for some hot chocolate ....
Aug 28 2007 17:52 GMT jimbo45 PRO
hay very good !!, love the COLOURS !!!!. :-))))
Aug 28 2007 17:59 GMT hans55 PRO
i like the frame you used !!! :-)
a good choice !
Aug 28 2007 18:02 GMT grimp PRO
Oh, I thought it was the 'White Friars in Siberia'.
Aug 28 2007 18:28 GMT Satto
Nice frame...and lovely snow...so much snow...:-)
Aug 28 2007 18:50 GMT bennystr
At least the AWB is well adjusted... :-)
Aug 28 2007 19:02 GMT LisaSam67
LMBO you are tooooo funny! I thought my computer was acting up again!
3990 hahahahahahaha - come on..... take us to 4,000
Aug 28 2007 19:33 GMT CeterusParibus
nice B&W .. needs some work on the B
Aug 28 2007 19:46 GMT Ruedi PRO
Poor bear so much snow!!!
Aug 28 2007 19:48 GMT gtc126
Bill Now thats Funny!!!! I don't care who you are!!!! Nice color and Contrast!!!!!!
Aug 28 2007 20:35 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
I think you have a slight tilt on the horizon, although the DOF looks about right.
Aug 28 2007 20:44 GMT jceca PRO
i had uploaded the same looking polar bear sometime ago ...
as a lovefriday entry ...
just to show you how much my bear LOVE a snow storm ...... :-))

even tech details have been there !!!!!!
i'm not joking ...
Aug 28 2007 20:44 GMT homemempe
and I thought something had gone really wrong with your upload!!!! Afterall you were just being creative ! LOL
Aug 28 2007 22:37 GMT Pam
Gosh, it looks cold out there......................
Aug 28 2007 22:59 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Well ya had me ready to send a mail to fotothing, thinking I wasn't getting picture.

Damn, don' know how you ever found that bear!!
Aug 29 2007 00:09 GMT Roadiepig PRO
I think you could have worked on the contrast a bit more- otherwise, its perfect ;)
Aug 29 2007 00:09 GMT Roadiepig PRO
I think you could have worked on the contrast a bit more- otherwise, its perfect ;)
Aug 29 2007 00:28 GMT wifey
I thought you were having a blizzard. LOL!
Aug 29 2007 01:29 GMT junne PRO
at least no distortion or ft caused zig zag lines :-0))) ( see ashleychen)
Aug 29 2007 01:42 GMT ashdad PRO
Interesting perspective! : - )
Aug 29 2007 02:01 GMT mavik
Why am I not able to see anything on this one and I see lots of people commenting on it? What could be wrong? I've tried to refresh the page but still nothing!
Aug 29 2007 02:12 GMT jceca PRO
it's a joke, mavik !!!!!
i see just white paper too .... :-)
Aug 29 2007 02:38 GMT mavik
Oh, my!!! I've been had!!! GRRR!!! Bill!!!
Aug 29 2007 02:39 GMT mavik
Thanks, jceca!
Aug 29 2007 02:44 GMT PhotoPro PRO
sorry mavik - I had no idea this would get so much attention. I was so overwhelmed with personal issues that I couldn't decide what to post - so I decided to make a joke..
Aug 29 2007 02:48 GMT mavik
Yes and I never expected you to do that! Hahaha! No problem, Bill! I just didn't get the joke 'cause I didn't read each of the comment they made. LOL I even made a complaint on the forum!!
Aug 29 2007 05:14 GMT juanse
FANTASTIC....clever...great composition...
Aug 29 2007 15:23 GMT LisaSam67
This one just had to go in favs! for when i need a big ole smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 29 2007 15:48 GMT iyerhari
Aug 29 2007 19:05 GMT adria