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you couldn't pay me enough to do this back-breaking work! I have lots of respect for these guys!

(constructive critique is welcome)
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 10 2007 00:53 GMT fotothinger
I seen a guy do solar panels that way!! now thats dedication!!
Jun 10 2007 01:34 GMT junne PRO
man, this is fun!!! fresh air, great view and feeling like a bird. i did my own roof myself and regretted when the job was finished.
Jun 10 2007 01:59 GMT Haw59 PRO
You could not get me up there too.
Jun 10 2007 04:37 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I did a roof too, in HOUSTON. It's like running with weights thru a swamp uphill in mud.
Never again!
Jun 10 2007 05:52 GMT tony PRO
Constructive critique? OK, I think the skylights were constructed too close together.
Jun 10 2007 14:37 GMT potterjo
Not to mention how hot it is on those roofs!
Jun 10 2007 17:18 GMT Lensvision
So do I, I'll never do that!
Jun 10 2007 18:00 GMT Studio88
I only like Shooting from Roofs!!!
Jun 10 2007 21:42 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Frank - especially in the summer!
Jun 11 2007 12:08 GMT Roadiepig PRO
You know that's a tough job- you rarely see a 50 year old roofer. Maybe in the office, setting up the jobs, but not climbing a ladder with a bundle of asphalt shingles...
Jun 12 2007 01:11 GMT wifey
"like running with weights thru a swamp uphill in mud"… LOL… much respect to you!