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My song Friday:

You can play too:

Up, up and away
by the 5th Dimension written by Jimmy Webb

"Wouldn't you like to ride in my beautiful balloon
Wouldn't you like to ride in my beautiful balloon
We could float among the stars together, you and I
For we can fly we can fly
Up, up and away
My beautiful, my beautiful balloon
The world's a nicer place in my beautiful balloon
It wears a nicer face in my beautiful balloon
We can sing a song and sail along the silver sky
For we can fly we can fly
Up, up and away
My beautiful, my beautiful balloon
Suspended under a twilight canopy
We'll search the clouds for a star to guide us
If by some chance you find yourself loving me
We'll find a cloud to hide us
We'll keep the moon beside us
Love is waiting there in my beautiful balloon
Way up in the air in my beautiful balloon
If you'll hold my hand we'll chase your dream across the sky
For we can fly we can fly
Up, up and away
My beautiful, my beautiful balloon
Up, up, and away....."


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Comments on this photo:

Sep 28 2007 05:12 GMT Hamin PRO
Pro - what photographic magazine would turn this down ? Answer = none !
Sep 28 2007 05:28 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you Manny!!
Sep 28 2007 05:31 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Beauty of a balloon, and song to go with. The 5th Dimension were at the Reno races several times years back.

Great foto
Sep 28 2007 05:53 GMT sini
Great song and image! Great entry!:)
Sep 28 2007 06:07 GMT Kaska
great entry!
and I would like to fly in your baloon :)

have a great weekend!
Sep 28 2007 06:28 GMT hans55 PRO
would love to fly a balloon !! :-))
great one !!
Sep 28 2007 06:32 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Beautiful picture - cracking song - a great entry all round.
Sep 28 2007 06:49 GMT marijke06
great shot, so colorful and sharp!! great entry for my song friday!
Sep 28 2007 07:21 GMT Adamus
Beautiful shot.
Sep 28 2007 08:42 GMT brummieboy
Wonderful shot ... lovely song ....
Sep 28 2007 08:51 GMT bluefam
so beautiful.
Sep 28 2007 09:15 GMT rainbow71
You found a beautiful theme.
Sep 28 2007 10:55 GMT roncarlin PRO
great entry. one of my favorite songs too.
Sep 28 2007 11:15 GMT charlotte
Sep 28 2007 11:30 GMT sweetjane
great capture!!
Sep 28 2007 12:03 GMT jamesrb PRO
Lovely, so colourful and clear.
Sep 28 2007 12:09 GMT soldier
Yessss... expressive and fantastic good entry my friend! ...Up, up, and away....
Sep 28 2007 12:12 GMT EnglishRose
Just beautiful!
Sep 28 2007 12:41 GMT iyerhari
A beautiful and colorful entry:)
Sep 28 2007 13:18 GMT toots
Beautiful image!
Sep 28 2007 13:32 GMT bertel
Fantastic colours
Sep 28 2007 13:53 GMT SIGMUND
super shot and colours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 28 2007 14:01 GMT Pietje
Fantastic song and a good entry
Sep 28 2007 14:10 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Beautiful colour and contrast! Lovely shot.
Sep 28 2007 14:38 GMT megmet PRO
A beautiful image Bill....now that song is going to be going round in my head all day! :-))
Sep 28 2007 15:40 GMT senna3
I do not know this song, but the text is great, like a poem, and it is illustrated by an excellent photo, great entry!
Sep 28 2007 16:02 GMT LizSA
i love it..... the song and the balloon...yes I know this song...very well.....!!!
Sep 28 2007 16:23 GMT jceca PRO
aaaaa ...i'm afraid of hight ... BUT ... very beautiful balloon, wonderful shot and wonderful illustration for these words ....
Sep 28 2007 16:50 GMT fhelsing PRO
marvelous entry!
Sep 28 2007 17:26 GMT Lensvision
Great entry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 28 2007 17:44 GMT gwen83
I love it, very good entry:)))
Sep 28 2007 17:56 GMT Tom33
2 more weeks and I'll be aloft - weather permitting
Sep 28 2007 18:13 GMT fourdeadpresidents
Best one yet PP!!! Love it!!!
Sep 28 2007 18:13 GMT LisaSam67
HI!!!!!!!!!!!!! just popped in to say hi and i'm on my way down!
4 hour drive...... prayers appreciated for safe travel for us all! ;-)
xxooxxoo, L
Sep 28 2007 19:16 GMT mariazinha32
great entry.....:-))
Sep 28 2007 19:25 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Balloon. Super Entry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 28 2007 19:34 GMT Satto
GREAT and lovley entry....:-)
Sep 28 2007 20:06 GMT perola
Very,very beautiful!!!!!!!!!
Sep 28 2007 20:35 GMT Cooler PRO
Wonderful image and entry ;-)
Sep 28 2007 21:33 GMT sprigo
Beautiful shot Bill and a great entry. Have a great weekend Bill. :)
Sep 29 2007 00:03 GMT massaroco
fabulously illustrated!
Sep 29 2007 01:59 GMT ashdad PRO
Funny, I saw this photo and that song went through my head. I just noticed you had it as your song. This really is a "beautiful balloon."
Sep 29 2007 02:11 GMT Studio88
Beautiful Balloon Shot - Up! up & Away!!!
Sep 29 2007 02:47 GMT Swede4
Totally awesome and stunning.
Sep 29 2007 02:51 GMT Poulet PRO
Great shot and song!!
Sep 29 2007 03:08 GMT LittleOurkie PRO
great! well done.
Sep 29 2007 05:32 GMT WarSurFeR
Sep 29 2007 06:23 GMT hotrodharleys
Super Color
Sep 29 2007 06:45 GMT Satyajit
very beautiful!
Sep 29 2007 08:18 GMT Midworlder PRO
An excellent choice
Sep 29 2007 10:15 GMT choices
I think I saw all the balloons you ever uploaded, but this is definitely the best!!! Love it for the colours, the contrast with the infinitely blue sky, the composition as a whole...
To sum up, you did GREAT! :)
Sep 29 2007 13:26 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you so much choices!!
Sep 29 2007 14:26 GMT martini957
I don't think I would like to ride in this beautiful balloon, but I do love looking at it lol
Sep 29 2007 17:15 GMT AlisonBelinda
Just beautiful!
Sep 29 2007 19:28 GMT Archer
Perfectly balanced image! Love the colour contrast
Sep 29 2007 20:11 GMT bennystr
Excellent entry!
Sep 29 2007 20:36 GMT Yermanie
Thanks for this song and aslo this picture is very beautiful, wonderful colours.