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this was a difficult shot to make as the sun was practically shining in my direction - see the shadows

(constructive critique is welcome) centered intentionally
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 06 2007 15:28 GMT Dorado
Apr 06 2007 15:28 GMT hallo
Wonderful capture!
Apr 06 2007 15:39 GMT Bali
Apr 06 2007 15:41 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO

However try getting below the sun, and playing with that beautiful backlight.

Apr 06 2007 15:49 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Shot..... Bradford Pear Trees?????
Apr 06 2007 16:08 GMT creatom
good thing to center the shot since the subjet is massiv.
I like the shot, and you handelled ppretty well the incoming sun... nice !!
Apr 06 2007 16:34 GMT ander
Just a great photo.
Apr 06 2007 17:03 GMT Satto
FINE...just fine....you got a lovley shot here PP....:-)
Apr 06 2007 17:06 GMT Lensvision
It turned out just fine!
Apr 06 2007 17:18 GMT Haw59 PRO
You got it. My tree's blooms have come and gone. But it is a beautiful green.
Apr 06 2007 19:06 GMT bennystr
Excellent shot!
Apr 06 2007 21:23 GMT Midworlder PRO
Apr 06 2007 22:19 GMT PhotoPro PRO
PPP - I don't understand. Please let me know. I couldn't get on the other side of the trees or farther to the left to keep the sun angle from being almost on the other side of the tree.
Apr 07 2007 02:11 GMT Fialka
Wonderful series and so beautiful flowers!
Apr 07 2007 02:17 GMT Poulet PRO
This is so beautiful, Bill !!!
Apr 07 2007 04:22 GMT junne PRO
there is a trick to overcome this problem. walk around to the other side :-))))))))
Apr 07 2007 04:23 GMT junne PRO
but a show nevertheless
Apr 07 2007 08:11 GMT korni
This is so beautiful!!!
Apr 07 2007 08:38 GMT Adamus
Wonderful pic.
Apr 07 2007 11:55 GMT irashid
Lovely shot..............
Apr 07 2007 12:01 GMT PhotoPro PRO
junne - no access to the other side.... this is a median in a highway
Apr 07 2007 22:01 GMT Paperinik962
Great shot!!!
Apr 08 2007 01:59 GMT jceca PRO
no any critics from me ... you know it's always shining in my direction too !!!! :-))
Apr 08 2007 02:50 GMT wifey
Beauteous… is that dogwood?
Apr 08 2007 11:15 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Tracy - I think it's dogwood..... but I'm not an expert! :)
Apr 08 2007 12:32 GMT Riet
So lovely! I find it allways difficult with sun. When the sun is behind you you see nothing in your screen! In your case you were blinded......but you succeeded very well! :)
Apr 11 2007 16:22 GMT kellsis
I have a small dogwood that i took several shots of. Im glad I did because it was 18* so it is all drab now.... :( I love those!