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It's Friday so come and play
no winners or losers, just fun - MyWheelsFriday

It's easy to join in
Have a great weekend!!!!
(constructive critique is welcome)

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Wild Bird Sanctuary
Great Forest Park Balloon Glow
Balloon Race - no blue skies.;-(
Airshow - almost no blue skies ;-(
Fall 2008 - almost time to shoot here!!!
A zillion backed up flower photos
2 zillion shots of the ducks that come to the back door
Branson Night lights and lit signs
Small selection of downtown St Louis monuments and landmarks
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 17 2008 18:13 GMT jomoud PRO
Wow Bill, that is quite a set of wheels.
It must cost a small fortune to fill this up:):)
Great shot and entry for this week's fun.
I hope you and Gail will have a very happy weekend.
Oct 17 2008 18:21 GMT Xaragma
I'm not really worried, just that when I read a forum like http://forum.fotothing.com/topic/971/12080#end my settings have reverted to the default, & I get a prompt to log in to
post, but when I try logging in, I get a response that I'm already logged in. Hence, I
don't post in the forums or look at them much. My email address shows as unverified,
but when I attempt to verify it, nothing happens. (The address I gave when I signed up
is valid). Anyone have any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?
Oct 17 2008 18:26 GMT mariazinha32
great wheels :-))
wonderful entry wish you a rolling weekend
Oct 17 2008 18:27 GMT hans55 PRO
wooow ... looks like very fast wheels to me !!
Oct 17 2008 18:38 GMT sini
Great image and wheels entry!:)
Oct 17 2008 18:56 GMT LizSA
now there is wheels for you... such a looong wagon.... :-)
Oct 17 2008 19:01 GMT senna3
Perfect entry, really great image!
Oct 17 2008 20:22 GMT PhotoPro PRO
several things could be the cause of this -
What browser and version are you using?
Although most sys admins cringe when I suggest this - add www.fotothing.com
and http://forum.fotothing.com/ to your trusted sites in your browser security - that may address the problem

The other is to check how your browser handles cookies - if it isn't saving the cookies from the forum address - it will cause this problem

hope that helps
Oct 17 2008 20:24 GMT verarenm
Unbelievable that has achieved an entry so exotic! A beauty! Magnificent!
Oct 17 2008 20:46 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
damn nice wheels there Mr. Bill
Oct 17 2008 21:32 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Cool. And a creative location for your copyright :)
Oct 17 2008 21:32 GMT megmet PRO
Superb entry Bill.

Our building work is done at last, just finnishing off the painting so I might find the time this weekend to write!

Hope you both have a great weekend. xx
Oct 17 2008 21:49 GMT Lenster PRO
Hey now!
Oct 18 2008 04:59 GMT Xaragma
PhotoPro, thanks so much for your help, I had cookies set for Fotothing, but not
for the forums, which Firefox sees as a different site. Problem solved! Again, thank you.
Oct 18 2008 07:44 GMT Prikthai
Great entry.
Oct 18 2008 14:21 GMT Cooler PRO
Coooool wheels and entry my friend ;-)))
Oct 18 2008 19:43 GMT ashdad PRO
Those are SOME wheels!
Oct 18 2008 22:37 GMT alhoafun
great entry but I sure wouldn't want to be behind the wheel of that one!
Oct 19 2008 02:51 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Ashdad- they held a race between this and one of the planes (or was it a jet?) that passed overhead at about 350 mph, when he was over the rocket car, it took off. The rocket car passed the plane and beat it to the end of the runway - finishing at about 375mph!!!
Oct 19 2008 13:06 GMT grimp PRO
Wouldn't drive that one up an Alpine pass road. You'd run into troubles at the first hairpin!
Oct 19 2008 13:13 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Carel I think it would be hard pressed to even make a "hair-pin" turn!!.:-))
Oct 21 2008 07:16 GMT Kaska
wow! what a set of wheels!
I'd love to try it one day :)
Oct 23 2008 09:29 GMT grimp PRO
It could have a link behind the driver, like a bendy bus. ;-)