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2008 St Louis Auto Show

2008 Honda Civic

You can see here how crowded it was at the show and why you won't see many shots without people in them....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

pretty soon, I'll be asking if you know the car - some of them I don't have a clue and I didn't write them down this time....

(constructive critique is welcome)

Coming up:

A drive up the scenic Mississipi River On the Great River Road with Fall colors on limestone cliffs
Small selection of downtown St Louis monuments and landmarks
a small car show
St Louis Air Show - from high up in the hills above the air field: http://www.stlcofair.org/
A tour of the St Louis Botanical Gardens
experiments with lights
experiments with splashes
2008 St Louis Auto Show
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 01 2008 05:45 GMT Squirrel PRO
GREAT CAR SERIES..............................................
Mar 01 2008 08:11 GMT soldier
Amazing series!!!!
Mar 01 2008 13:43 GMT LizSA
Happy Birthday Bill..... may you have a wonderful year ahead....
God Bless.....!!

i do not know how to make card .. I only have a loan of this computer...!
sorry Dear friend... !!
Mar 01 2008 15:07 GMT ferrariwalter
Nice car foto's! Happy birthday!!! :-D
Mar 01 2008 15:34 GMT Kaska
boys and cars :)
Happy Birthday Bill!!!
Mar 01 2008 15:34 GMT jamby PRO
Mar 01 2008 15:47 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Thank you Liz!! If I had been born about 12 hours earlier - I would only be 13 (52/4)!! :-))
Mar 01 2008 15:48 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you ferrariwalter!!
Mar 01 2008 15:48 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you very much Kaska!!
Mar 01 2008 15:49 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you very much jamby - and thank you for being such a great friend!!
Mar 01 2008 15:50 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Mar 01 2008 15:51 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Oh nice car tooooo:-)))
Mar 01 2008 15:52 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you sweetie!!
Mar 01 2008 17:10 GMT grimp PRO
Happy Birthday, dear friend!
Mar 01 2008 17:32 GMT bennystr
Happy Birhtday Bill!
Mar 01 2008 18:14 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you grimp, and thank you very much for the card!!
Mar 01 2008 18:14 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you Benny!!
Mar 01 2008 18:28 GMT Archer
One of my favorite car brands (Honda)!
So, today is that special day?! Happy birthday Bill!

Mar 01 2008 18:42 GMT Lensvision
Big car.

Happy birthday Bill!!!!
Mar 01 2008 18:56 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you very much Archer!!
Mar 01 2008 18:58 GMT PhotoPro PRO
the perspective makes the size a little deceptive Lensvision, it looks larger than it is, although it is certainly much larger than the same model was 5-10 years ago.
Thank you for the thoughts and wishes!!!
Mar 03 2008 03:11 GMT LizSA
:-) you would have been born on the 29th ....? hahaha..leap year...

Poulet made you a card as well... :-))

we had such a lovely weekend ...warm weather.... no jackets...
weent for looong walks.... and just on my husbands birthday the 26th we had snow...
snow and hot weather .. all in the 7 days we are in america... :-)))
Mar 03 2008 03:17 GMT PhotoPro PRO
wow Liz!!

we had beautiful spring like weather since Friday - but have a cold front moving in later this evening - a nasty one....only a little snow, but rain sleet and freezing.... yuck!