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2008 St Louis Auto Show

2008 Hyundai Limited - this is such a great car for the price

the lighting in the arena was horrid - bright spot lights hanging everywhere

(constructive critique is welcome)

Coming up:

A drive up the scenic Mississipi River On the Great River Road with Fall colors on limestone cliffs
Small selection of downtown St Louis monuments and landmarks
a small car show
St Louis Air Show - from high up in the hills above the air field: http://www.stlcofair.org/
A tour of the St Louis Botanical Gardens
experiments with lights
experiments with splashes
2008 St Louis Orchid show
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 04 2008 18:49 GMT Lensvision
The cars over here look so much different from yours.
No big tail lights and big bumpers here, well not that much..
Mar 04 2008 19:23 GMT PhotoPro PRO
LV I think also our cars are probably much bigger too - Americans love to travel with their entire living rooms with them, even to go to the grocery store
Mar 04 2008 19:24 GMT soldier
A Hyundai in an artistic presentation!!!
Mar 04 2008 19:26 GMT Dorado
Beautiful capture...
Mar 05 2008 02:10 GMT mavik
I like the color of this car.
Mar 05 2008 02:34 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I do too mavik - it's my 2nd fav after silver