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Finally - photos from the air show!!!
Lesson #37 when going to a photoshoot: The starting time will always be before you get there.... we were in the car at the Air Force Base waiting to park when this one flew by
This is at 450mm so you can see how far off it was!

extra filters used, ?able effect

Have a great week!!!

(constructive critique is welcome)

coming soon -
the St Louis Zoo
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 30 2007 15:00 GMT senna3
Clean and sharp, excellent shot!
Aug 30 2007 15:16 GMT grimp PRO
Is this the full frame or did you crop? The picture is very sharp.
Aug 30 2007 15:33 GMT PhotoPro PRO
grimp I cropped this - it's about 1/3 of a full frame - he was still pretty far off.

I amazed that it's this clear - despite the lens being VR.... we were in the car, I was in a line driving slowy with my knees and I already have a hand tremor!!
Aug 30 2007 15:38 GMT Cooler PRO
Excellent capture and series dear friend ;-)
Aug 30 2007 15:53 GMT elimar
Aug 30 2007 16:20 GMT irashid
Fantastic capture !
Aug 30 2007 17:52 GMT grimp PRO
VR like Nikon call it or IS with Canon is a great thing. I'm glad to have it on the 100-400 lens. You can shoot at 1/60th with the 400mm end of the lens and still get a decently sharp picture.
Aug 30 2007 19:31 GMT PhotoPro PRO
It makes a huge difference for me grimp!
but I could never do 1/60 at 300mm(450) - my hands just shake too much..... although I have a better chance with a moving object than a stationary one
Aug 31 2007 08:11 GMT hans55 PRO
great series !!
Sep 01 2007 02:54 GMT aquiles PRO
Sep 01 2007 06:19 GMT Jakeobean
PhotoPro...this is a wonderful series....you have done a marvelous job with a big telephoto lens.....I have never been able to either find the subject in the lens nor get focus to capture what I had intended....you on the other hand have done a marvelous job....great series.