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You may or may not have heard about the severe flooding in the Midwest states of the USA.

Several people have died, hundreds have been injured, thousands have lost their homes and several thousand volunteers includding ones from states as far away as Texas and Georgia have spent night and day helping to shore up levees on the Mississippi River.

Entire cities from Iowa to Missouri have been flooded - estimated damages already in the billions of $'s and many farmers will miss an entire season's crops.
Christopher and I went to downtown St Louis along the river front - most all of the streets leading to the river and river access businesses have been blocked off. We were able to get close enough to see just how high the water was. At about 12 feet above flood stage - St Louis is not in danger of major losses like other cities up and down the Mississippi River. The river is about 10 feet lower than the flood in 1993, which was considered a "500 year flood".

No parking here..............
ya think?
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 22 2008 07:47 GMT elbeaver
Jun 22 2008 08:08 GMT GeoffReeves
We saw it on the TV over here Bill.Very sad.
Today we are having severe and gale force winds in Scotland and north England,which is unusual for June ! Im wondering how the weather will be in a few years. !
Jun 22 2008 08:10 GMT abojovna PRO
My sympathy, treeific! Thank you for sharing, very good photo!
Jun 22 2008 08:44 GMT Midworlder PRO
Uhhh ohhh ... this is a great depiction Bill, hope things improve quick
Jun 22 2008 08:47 GMT losp
Looking soft and weak, and combinedly strong & destructive.
Excellent image and words reminding & highlighting such flood
and its extensive damages .. My prayers to the several people
who died in this tragedy .. THANKS for sharing such experience
in PhotoPro's way.

And I just read in the Internet headline news: Philippine ferry sinks;
700-plus passengers missing during typhoon - Reuters
Jun 22 2008 09:12 GMT senna3
This picture illustrates the tragedy very well!
Jun 22 2008 09:33 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
this shot really shows the reality behind the words
Jun 22 2008 10:39 GMT junne PRO
wow, you just replaced cnn! very good reporting!
Jun 22 2008 12:05 GMT bennystr
Powerful shot Bill, well done!
Jun 22 2008 12:16 GMT virginiabrill
Jun 22 2008 12:50 GMT otilia
Jun 22 2008 13:51 GMT Sheila PRO
This is very like our local situation this time last year. 12 months on there are still people living in a caravan in the garden while their home is restored.
Jun 22 2008 14:00 GMT JJAP
My roommate`s son lives at Cedar Rapids and his home was flooded. Now I read that the river is rising again. Those are terribel news.
Jun 22 2008 17:31 GMT Studio88
Bill, Your Photos tell it All - Excellent Photo Journalism !!!
Jun 23 2008 04:01 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
So sad, and even no boat parking??
Jun 25 2008 01:50 GMT LizSA
fantastic photography, one cannot even imagine all the rain they had,
it is sad for the people affected..... such a beautiful river...!!