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The series concludes(or begins depending on your pov)!!
.... the rose series continues

Many people have asked where I got all these gorgeous roses from. There has been much speculation, but no one has yet figured it out.

I was in a Sam's Club when I spotted these in their "native habitat", their floral department! I managed to shoot all these beauties before I was asked to cease or be removed from the store. So I shot the last 2 and went about my shopping without further incident(they didn't see me later snap the photos of the vodka!). :)
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 13 2005 14:01 GMT godskin
"a rose is a rose, is a rose, is a rose, is a rose ...."
Aug 13 2005 14:24 GMT TinaRTiller
Nice as roses. :)
Aug 13 2005 14:25 GMT bertel
Great story. So thatīs how you do it. Now we know. But it was a fantastic series you got. BIG BIG SMILE FROM DENMARK :o)))))))))))))/B
Aug 13 2005 14:29 GMT kosmos PRO
You managed to capture a lot of beautiful roses :)
Aug 13 2005 15:04 GMT digitalchick
free advertisment for them they shouldnt complaine. im gonna go get one. very pretty.
Aug 13 2005 17:46 GMT Lensvision
Very nice series, well done.
Aug 13 2005 19:34 GMT curves PRO
Should have told them you got the camera from them..heheheh
Aug 13 2005 19:42 GMT ASZDT
Very nice!
Aug 13 2005 20:12 GMT fawn
gorgeous series :)))
Aug 13 2005 21:00 GMT caniche
good serie
Aug 14 2005 05:28 GMT Califfoto
Great Composition.
Aug 14 2005 14:47 GMT will
Beautiful, you can't beat love w/a little Miracle Grow thrown in!
Aug 14 2005 14:47 GMT jabber PRO
great rose series, so many different colors!
Aug 15 2005 00:50 GMT rosas
I love roses!!!! (Rosas in portuguese)
Tks for the comments!
Aug 15 2005 05:49 GMT maiylah
wonderful series! :)
Aug 15 2005 10:53 GMT chenito
Great series..molto belle..
Aug 16 2005 17:29 GMT Flower1