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another day, another mile - this time 236,000 miles (379,805 km)
Hope you have a great week!!

(constructive critique is welcome)

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Comments on this photo:

Mar 17 2008 22:18 GMT bennystr
FT's mileage... ? :-)
Mar 17 2008 22:20 GMT fourdeadpresidents


I think...
Mar 18 2008 01:04 GMT LisaSam67

i just turned 5,000 today

oil change tomorrow
Mar 18 2008 02:33 GMT PhotoPro PRO
a mixed blessing fdp - can't afford a new one, but this one runs like it'll never stop
Mar 18 2008 18:55 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
....just a couple more miles than my 99 Durango - it has 210,000. The car I bought six months ago already has 11,000 miles on it!
Mar 18 2008 20:05 GMT PhotoPro PRO
that's a lot of miles for a Durango - you sure got the pick of the litter with yours!!!

I was very fortunate, This Camry was my 3rd choice at an auction 3 years ago but the price on the other 2 far exceeded their values so I got this. It came with 215,000 miles on it $4400 - have spent about $2000 since then for brakes, tires and rack and pinion - but it really does run like a dream.
Mar 19 2008 06:52 GMT LisaSam67
lol Deb... you must drive like me.... i just rolled over 5,000 miles on the burban.... got it 1/11/08

wait...... i'm gonna way pass you

oh i better slow down!
Mar 19 2008 06:54 GMT LisaSam67
bill.... you've only put 20k miles on it in three years!!!!!!!??????

jeff averages 50k miles a year i think it is
and i apparently avg 30k

Mar 19 2008 06:59 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I don't get out much...:-))

there was a time I averaged 115k a year - gas was much cheaper then
Mar 19 2008 15:50 GMT LisaSam67
yeah... i remember those wonderful days of 50 cent gas when i had the old caddy
grrrrrrrr would be nice now that i have a 30 gallon freakin tank! right around 100 bucks to fill that puppy
Mar 19 2008 16:17 GMT PhotoPro PRO
in 82, I bought the first car to have an EPA est highway mileage of 55 mpg!!!!
It was the Honda Civic FE (I guess fuel economy). I usually averaged mid to upper 30's in mixed actual mpg driving - but I drove it "hard and put it away wet"...:-))
In just highway mpg I usually drove about 80 and still got mid 40's mpg. - twice what I get in my Camry now in mostly highway
Mar 19 2008 17:01 GMT LisaSam67
lol at 80 we get about 15mpg in the burban.... not bad for a big huge people mover

it has a smart engine tho..... as soon as it doesn't need all 8 cylinders it switches to just four! neat huh!
Mar 19 2008 17:02 GMT LisaSam67
oh and it is set up to take the E85 fuel? whatever that is
no one in nor cal sells it yet tho
supposed to be "green" i guess ;-)
Mar 19 2008 19:11 GMT PhotoPro PRO
ethanol - we have 15% in ours - it's derivative of corn - mixed with gas
Mar 19 2008 20:14 GMT LisaSam67