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St Louis Veiled Prophet Parade http://www.vpparade.org/
This year was a real disappointment compared to last year:
So I just practised with different settings and worked with distance(read papparazzi) portraits

Have a great week!!!

(constructive critique is welcome)

coming soon -
photos from the air show:
and from the St Louis Zoo
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 06 2007 17:59 GMT gtc126
Wow What an outstanding Designed Parade entry!!!!! Great Capture!!!!!
Aug 06 2007 18:08 GMT bennystr
Great start!
Aug 06 2007 19:04 GMT PatNolan
Amazing shot PhotoPro.
Aug 06 2007 19:15 GMT elimar
Aug 06 2007 19:34 GMT Lensvision
This looks pretty good.
Aug 06 2007 23:10 GMT Pueo PRO
What? No night-time parade extravaganza?
Aug 06 2007 23:26 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Pueo they used to hold the parade at night but changed it to daytime several years back. Supposedly cost cutting, tho I don't know what. ;-(
Aug 06 2007 23:58 GMT Pueo PRO
that's too bad. there's just something neat about a night parade
Aug 06 2007 23:59 GMT LisaSam67
I love night parades! This is a cool shot tho ;-)
Aug 07 2007 01:20 GMT ashdad PRO
Neat float!
Aug 07 2007 01:58 GMT SunnyRea
Cool float!
Aug 07 2007 07:36 GMT abojovna PRO
Wonderful shot of alegorical onne from this celebration!
Aug 07 2007 19:32 GMT jomoud PRO
excellent shot Bill
Aug 08 2007 02:31 GMT Studio88
Aug 09 2007 03:35 GMT JPHarr
We were in St. Louis in... 2004 maybe?... on our way to Albuquerque. We made S.L. one of our overnight destinations. Well, it was the Taste Of Saint Louis weekend. We had some great food, ended up staying for a couple days to enjoy the museums and the arch and a concert by the B-52s. Nice city!