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Say hello to Christopher(23) my special needs sons that lives with us. Here we are just returning from church where he always ushers, acolytes and servers communion with others. We are so very proud of his progress in the past year!

You can see my small camera bag.... Christopher goes with me to all my photo shoots and acts as an assistant and sherpa.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 13 2007 14:31 GMT bennystr
Just great!
Feb 13 2007 14:36 GMT YesHello
Hi Christopher! take a picture for us!
Feb 13 2007 14:37 GMT kosmos PRO
Hello Christopher! You look very smart! :)
Feb 13 2007 14:42 GMT Ichthus1968
hello Christopher! Great are the men who serve God.
Feb 13 2007 15:03 GMT grimp PRO
Hi Christopher!
Feb 13 2007 15:19 GMT linnywv PRO
Waving to Christopher! How lucky you are to have his helping hands!
Feb 13 2007 15:54 GMT Sheila PRO
I get the feeling he looks like his mother! Right?
Feb 13 2007 16:04 GMT hans55 PRO
very handy an assistant !!! ..thats why you can make such nice foto's !! ...both hands free for it !! :-))
Feb 13 2007 16:13 GMT Midworlder PRO
Lucky Christopher and lucky you two, too have each others support :))
Feb 13 2007 17:09 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Sheila if you used Morph on Gail and I it woulod probably look like Christopher.
Feb 13 2007 17:50 GMT korni
Hello Christopher!
Feb 13 2007 18:13 GMT fredaFunSite
hello Christopher!! :)))
nice to meet u here! keep smiling!
Feb 13 2007 19:07 GMT Lensvision
Hi Christopher!
Feb 13 2007 19:36 GMT ijbison PRO
Looking very dapper there, Christopher :)
Feb 13 2007 19:49 GMT JJAP
Hello Cris, nice to meet you. Have a good hug from waaaayy down South!!!!!!
Feb 13 2007 21:30 GMT Satto
YEsss...Hello Christopher...nice to meet you..:-)
Feb 14 2007 00:56 GMT Prikthai
He also like to eat like me. :-)
Feb 14 2007 03:14 GMT Haw59 PRO
Hi Christopher. I am glad things are going well for you. I miss seeing your pictures. You are taking good care of your dad.
Feb 14 2007 03:15 GMT ashdad PRO
Hey Christopher!
Feb 14 2007 04:10 GMT jceca PRO
hi there !!!!!!
nice to hear about your progress, christopher ...
and you are never alone then, bill ... that's nice too !!! :-)
god bless you all !!!!
Feb 14 2007 05:41 GMT GeoffReeves
Hey,hows it going :-)
Feb 14 2007 05:48 GMT abojovna PRO
Hello Christopher! Best greetings from Prague! Happy Valentine!
Feb 14 2007 07:48 GMT Elise
Happy Valentine Chris:)
Feb 14 2007 09:56 GMT LizSA
Hello Christopher...nice to meet the people behind the cameras...
aswell as the Camera Crew.....
Happy Valentine's day......Chris....!!
Feb 14 2007 12:57 GMT junne PRO
best regards from california christopher!
Feb 14 2007 15:53 GMT onichek
Hi, Chris! Nice to meet you! I hope you'll turn into a photographer too one day!
Feb 14 2007 17:07 GMT maguzz
hi chris ... you really look like a sherpa - haha... - does he pay you enough ?
regards ... ;-)
Feb 14 2007 18:39 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Hi Chris!! Happy Valentine's Day to you and Bill!
Feb 14 2007 20:06 GMT gtc126
Hello Christopher!!!! Looks like you might be a big boost to Dad's camera shooting///keep the good work up!!!!
Feb 14 2007 21:35 GMT jomoud PRO
Hello Christopher.
Thank you for being a great assistant to my friend Bill.
Greetings from Winnipeg, Canada
Feb 16 2007 02:32 GMT Roadiepig PRO
And he does a fine job helping you out, too ;)
Feb 16 2007 12:48 GMT StavrosMoforis
and you're very right to be proud, too, my friend :)
Feb 18 2007 21:35 GMT Seraphael PRO
Nice to meet you Christopher !!